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The Cleo is a new and intuitive approach to patient vital signs measurement. The Cleo can be configured to measure any combination of: non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, rapid temperature, and capnography (EtCO2).Weighing in at less than 3 LBS the portable Cleo is well suited for any patient care area by offering a multitude of vital sign combinations. The Cleo can be used as a basic pulse oximeter or configured to a NIPB/SpO2/Temp spot check monitor. Cleo can also be configured to be a stand-alone capnograph or combination capnograph/SpO2/NIPB monitor. The Cleo is well suited for both bed side and mobile spot check use.The Cleo simplifies clinician use by incorporating a touch screen with a simple user interface making the Cleo intuitive for any user. A long life lithium Ion battery is standard and many mobile mounting solutions’ are available for the Cleo.Infinium Capnotrack™The Infinium Capnotrack™ capnography module is a field upgradeable plug-in module that allows for maximum versatility of End-tidal CO2 monitoring. The Capnotrack™ utilizes a low flow (50ml/min) sidestream method that allows use for intubated and non-intubated applications. The Capnotrack™ sample line connection incorporates filter cells to eliminate the potential of cross contaminationMode of Sampling: Sidestream or MainstreamPrinciple of Operation: Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) singlebeam optics, dual wavelength, nomoving parts.CO2 measurement Range: 0 to 150 mmHg(0 to 19.7%, 0 to 20 kPa)CO2 Calculation Method: BTPS(Body Temperature Pressure Saturated)CO2 Resolution: 0.1mmHg (0-69mmHg),0.25mmHg (70-150mmHg)CO2 Accuracy: 0 ~ 40 mmHg ± 2 mmHg41 ~ 70 mmHg ± 5% of reading71 ~ 100 mmHg ± 8% of reading101 ~ 150 mmHg ± 10% of readingAbove 80 breath per minute ± 12%of readingSampling rate: 100HzRespiration Rate: 2 ~ 150 bpmRespiration Rate accuracy: ±1 breathResponse Time:
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