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APRO-110 is a Vaginal Irrigation System called Therapeutic Vaginal Douche Apparatus and is to perform a medical treatment in obstetrics and gynecology with the pregnant women or patients with any other diseases. It was initially developed to alleviate unpleasant feeling that patients get when they are treated with cotton balls and gauze balls. With APRO-110, Doctors can now work easy removing vaginal discharge and clearly examine the cervix area to find a lesion and make a treatment effectively for patients.Feature-Irrigation & Suction (either seperately or simultaneously)Irrigation and Suction can be performed at the same time with approprietly temperature-maintained distilled water.Consequently, it is easy to remove Vaginal discharge or Candida inside vagina.-2 spray guns(medical solution)This device is equipped with 2 spray handles. Betadine and solution that keeps PH can be passed through them to be sprayed.As Solution is sprayed in the type of the fine particle, it prevents from spreading over vaginal area to the perineal region.-Speculum & distilled-water warmer function(setting temperature)This device is equipped with 2 spray handles. Betadine and solution that keeps PH can be passed through them to be sprayed.2 warmers maintain the temperature of speculum and water around 36 degrees so that patients don’t feel discomfort when they are contacted.Foot switch for irrigation & suctionThis enables surgeons easy to operate the machine when there is some distance between an equipment and a patient.-Compact Design and Cart wheels addedThis smart design and the wheels together can maximise the use of the space of a consultation room.-Applicators cans2 storages for ancillary medical instruments eg. pinset, rubber gloves etc.A variety of Benefits– No need of cotton or gauze balls– Infrequent contact with inner vagina– Easy removal of plug– Fast healing process– Prevention of the side effects– Compact design and easy operation of the machine
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