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532nm green laser marking date logo on red wine glass bottle

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Price : USD 4411

532nm green laser marking date logo on red wine glass bottle



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Red wine is now an alcoholic product that can meet various needs such as gifts, banquets, and solo drinking. The manufacture of red wine bottles not only contains wine, but also shows the quality and value of red wine. In addition to the basic design, red wine glass bottles also need to be marked with the date and logo. For the marking on glass bottles, RFH has more than ten years of experience.


The sincerity of RFH moved the glass bottle customer to sign the green laser contract


A few years ago, Mr. Li from Guangdong came to RFH for a visit, learned about green lasers, and decided to order two green lasers to mark red wine bottles in his glass bottle factory. Mr. Li, who came to visit the workshop, saw the employees who were dressed in neat work clothes and produced carefully and carefully. Every production link was meticulously carried out under their hands.


The core advantages of 0.02mm high precision, high stability and high cost performance, the cold light source of the green laser makes its power heat-affected area small, high beam quality, fast marking speed, continuous operation within 24 hours, whether in efficiency or in Quality can be described as the industry leader. Due to the use of low temperature cold light source, the thermal effect of marking is basically zero, and it will not cause damage to the material or burst the glass material, and has outstanding performance in terms of safety and consumables.


The customer used RFH 532nm nanosecond laser to engrave the logo on the glass bottle red wine bottle laser engraving pattern


In addition to the quality, Mr. Li is most interested in RFH's long-standing reputation. He said that many friends in the same industry will mention in the chat that RFH has devoted himself to the development of excellent products that have turned out for more than ten years, and often praise him. RFH's professional attitude, dedicated service, and sense of responsibility have all become the reasons why I value and choose to come to RFH for a preliminary understanding.

RFH's painstaking research and sincerity have moved many manufacturers, making them decisively choose RFH to become a partner for more than ten years, and make progress together in the following days.

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