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Elite Products in Plastics and Rubber Market of Dubai

Freya Toilet Soaps

Different variants 
Supplier : Gulf Center Cosmetics Manufacturing LLC ( GCCM ) DUBAI
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Processing Aids Polymer Additives

We are in to trading and supplying a wide range of Processing Aids. We offer these products in various quantities depending upon the requirement and demand of the client.
Supplier : Sri Krishna Polyflex HYDERABAD
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Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) in collaboration with Makinex supplies a wide variety of smart surface preparation tools. The Makinex Floor Stripper is a heavy-duty industrial machine designed to remove materials such as vinyl, glued carpet, and cork from floors. It is an ideal machine for contractors, hire & rental companies, and renovators with its easy tool-free setup, quiet operation and minimal maintenance. The Makinex Floor Stripper features a multi-purpose blade for different floor materials. The smart weight addition over the blade helps to strip faster and adjustable telescopic handles make it easy to move.   Please contact us on +971 55 5038200 or with your requirements and we will be glad to provide you with an offer to suit your project.
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 TENTS and SHADES  provide highly engineered car parking shades structure to its client, which provide extreme protection to cars and other vehicles from the burning sun UV radiations and our parking shades structures are very helpful for UAE’s hot weather. We manufacture, supply and install both Standard and Customized parking sheds in Sharjah and other states of UAE. CAR PARKING SHADE SIZES LENGTH & WIDTH6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)We are Sharjah base Car Parking Shade and tents manufacturing company since 2002. We deliver wide range of Car Parking Shades in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah,Oman, saudi arabia, other Gulf regions like Ajman, Al Ain, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, as well we provide our services in all GCC Countries and Africa with standard and custom designs and requirements.Our most Used Low price Parking Shade is Cantilever Car Parking Shades which are available in most competitive price and these shades are best solution for car parking lot.OUR CAR PARKING SHADES:​ARCH DESIGN PARKING SHADESPYRAMID CAR PARKING SHADECONE SINGLE-POLE PARKING SHADESCONICAL CAR PARKING SHADESTOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADESAIL CAR PARKING SHADESPYRAMID TOP SUPPORT PARKING SHADEUMBRELLA CAR PARKING SHADESWAVE DESIGN PARKING SHADESK-SPAN CAR PARKING SHADEBOTTOM SUPPORT PARKING SHADESBOTTOM SUPPORT PYRAMID PARKING SHEDSCAR PARKING SHADES FABRIC:We are expert manufacturers and suppliers as we use world high class fabrics like PVC, PVDF, PTFE, HDPE for the car parking shades structure which increase the safety of your cars more efficiently and effectively and very much helpful for the UAE weather and maintain the gloss, shine and protect the car.List of Parking Shades Fabrics Use for the manufacturing of Car parking sheds are:HDPE FABRIC CAR PARKING SHEDSHigh Density Polyethylene Commercial 95 is a high quality knitted fabric, specially designed for car parking shade area, tensile structures and awning shades. HDPE Commercial 95 is manufactured using high quality ingredients that have been selected for their resistance to ultra violet light degradation. HDPE fabric is available in both waterproof and non waterproof material depending on the clients demands we use it for the car park sheds. This parking shade fabric cover is the most cost effective from all other parking cover fabrics.Parking shade HDPE commercial 95 fabric carries 10 year UV Degradation warranty. Engineered in Australia to offer the ultimate combination of maximum protection, strength and durability. Commercial 95 340 parking sheds cover fabric has been specifically designed and constructed to provide UV block up to 98% safer outdoor environments which can be utilizes for longer periods.PVC CAR PARKING SHED FABRIC:We offer (Poly Vinyl Chloride) PVC Parking sheds which are long lasting and most durable Car parking sheds. PVC fabric has a lot of qualities like  excellent light fastness. Good heat insulation. Resistant cold. Heat preservation. UV resistant. 100% Waterproof and Durable. Excellent tensile, tear and adhesion strength.PVC fabric is an ideal material of parking sheds and is most economical solution for parking areas. We use 650-gsm PVC fabric for our car parking shade structures to provide maximum protection to vehicles from the burning sun and maintain the color and heat of the car. All the test documentations and certification will be provided.GRP SHEET CAR PARKING SHADESGlass Reinforced Plastic – GRP Sun Shades for Car Parking protect vehicles from radiant solar temperature gain as well as provide limited blowing dust and rain at a very low cost. GRP Car Parking Shed Designs provide maximum protection from burning UV sun rays and offer strength, weight and corrosion resistance advantages for harsh operating environments. GRP Sheet has low thermal conductivity which makes it ideal for the designs of parking sheds. All the test documents and certification will be provided.FRP SHEET PARKING SHADESWe Provide best quality Fiber Glass Reinforced – FRP sheet parking shades in exclusive designs and pleasing translucent and opaque colors. FRP Sheets Car Park Sheds are fabricated using superior quality material in various standards as well as non standard sizes and thickness. FRP car sheds has a lot of qualities like they are very much cost effective, durable & long lasting, dimensional, fade resistant, heat resistant, water proof, wear resisting, adhesive, odorless, corrugated etc.FRP Sheets shades protect cars from U.V Rays by using imported U.V stabilized Resin.. These shades have specially formulated top layer to retards the effect of abrasion, erosion and enhances the product life. Consistency of uniform thickness throughout the sheet ensures good quality and high mechanical strength.PTFE CAR PARK SHADESPoly Tetra FLOURO Ethylene – PTFE Car Shades are the most strong and expensive parking shades with the life warranty of 30 years. PTFE Fabric is chemically inert, capable of withstanding temperature from -100 °F to +450 °F (-73 °C to +232 °C). The low surface free energy of the material creates a surface which is readily cleaned by rainwater. PTFE is also completely immune to UV degradation.PTFE fiberglass parking shade structures have been constructed around the world with acceptance by British, French, Italian, Australian, Japanese and German National standards, as well as guidelines set up by the American Society for Testing and Materials. PTFE membrane can be installed in climates ranging from very low temperature (Cold Areas) to the highest temperature (Hot Areas) with an expected project life exceeding 30 years.COMPANY OBJECTIVE It is the policy and objective Car Parking Shades Manufacturing and Supplying Company to produce superior quality parking sheds suitable for the client’s intended use with regard to structural integrity, design, and conformance to establish industry standards and practices. It is commitment of this Company to meet these objectives in a manner which provides consistency of car parking shed structure quality, Optimum availability and superior customer service, while maintaining efficiency of operations and profitability necessary to perpetuate product improvement and customer satisfaction.. More it is recognized that the attainment of these objectives is the responsibility of all Company operations according to their respective functions.PARKING SHED AREAS By considering the architecture of new generation,  Offers the best solutions for many of your requirements for car parking sheds structures in UAE. Our Specialized areas for car parking shade structure are Commercial standards, Hotel parking, School Car parking, Play Ground Parking. Residential Building Parking. Cultural Buildings and more.CAR PARKING SHADES ADVANTAGES:Increase Protection of cars from burning Sun.Eliminate Dashboard cracking.Keep safe your electronics in the car.Minimize the Heat in the Car.Maintain the Glow and Shine of the body of car.Keep you car’s wind screen safe from cracking.Car Park Shades in Alain. CAR PARK SHADES. Pyramid Car Park Shades. Cantiliver Car Park Sahdes. Car Park Shades.ARCHITECTURAL SHADE STRUCTURES SWIMMING POOL SHADES School courtyard shades ROOF CANOPIES Theme Parks shades CAR PARK SHADES Large Span Vehicle StorageFabric ceilings TEMPORARY ALUMINIUM TENTS Agricultural shades PARTY TENTS WOODEN PERGOLA Mall Shades• Roof Canopies• Car park Shades• Stadium Shades• School Courtyard• Agriculture Shades• Architectural Shades• Swimming Pool Shades• Children’s Play Area ShadesCar Park Shades  Suppliers in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, UAESpecializes in projects of Car Park Shades & tensile fabric structures. We intent to provide the market with high quality product and service, with highly skilled and experienced technical workforce. The people of Car Parking Shades  Group have wide range of experience in Design, Manufacturing and Installation of Car Park Shades  & tensile shade structures in UAE and abroad. has alliance with large overseas companies for effective execution of large Car Park Shades & tensile shade structures.CAR PARK SHADES  Supply and Installation  superior quality with good material for strength and durability and with the fabric of special quality in variety of colors within affordable/reasonable rates. The Car Park shades are design for maximum protection of the vehicle from the sun rays and may be use as convenient alternative of traditional garage.The Car Park Shades are in cantilever shape in free standing style and also be designed in connected/erected with any existing structure at site to respite space for miscellaneous use. On having a visit with us the quality and design and technology will certainly convince someone.CAR PARK SHADES Variety of Car Park Shades, with quality of materials and design to cover about 98% reflection of ultraviolet rays due to cantilever Car Park Shades design the shades may also be used at Swimming pool, Play area, walkway, residential area, office, and garden area etc. Car Park Shades Structures are formed with high power galvanized steel with HDPE and PVC good and captivated design of the shades. It is not otherwise that the remarkable allure structure may certainly attract any one.Features of  "CAR PARK SHADES" Are 1.  Protect the Vehicle from the Harmful UV Rays.2.  Fabric used for cantilever parking shade structure is 100% high density with UV stabilized.3.  Strong anti-aging sturdy and durable energy-saving beautify the environment.4.  Effective block 90% UV damage.5.  20 years warranty against UV.6.  Maintain gloss and shine of vehicle.7.  Protect Wind Screen from Crack.8.  Reduce cracking of win screen.9.  Make your electronics Keep Safe .10. Reduce Heat in the Car.​Car parking shades suppliers, car parking shades dubai, car parking shades fabric, car parking shades suppliers in qatar, car parking shades pictures, car parking shades design, car parking shades suppliers in uae, car parking shades supplier, car parking shades suppliers in sharjah, car parking shades and tents, car parking shades pakistan, car parking shades qatar, car park shade uae, car parking shades suppliers uae, car parking shade in uae, car parking shade manufacturers uae, car parking shade supplier uae, car parking shade 3d model, car parking shade 3d model free download, car parking shade tent 3d model, parking shades suppliers, parking shades dubai, parking shades suppliers sharjah, parking shades design, parking shades qatar, parking shades prices, parking shade 2, parking shade 3d model free download, parking shade 3d model, car parking shade 3d model, car parking shade 3d model free download, parking shade 3ds, car park shades dubai, car park shades sharjah, car park shades qatar, car park shades bahrain, car park shades suppliers, car park shades prices, car park shade uae, car parking sheds in India, car parking sheds manufacturers, car parking sheds designs, car parking sheds images, car parking shades suppliers, car parking sheds in pakistan, car parking sheds Hyderabad, car parking sheds in Chennai, car parking m shed Bristol, car parking m shed, grp car parking shed uae, car parking b shed fremantle, car park b shed, car parking sheds manufacturer, car parking shade manufacturers, car parking shade manufacturer in dubai, car parking shades companies in abu dhabi, car parking shades companies in Kenya, car parking shades suppliers uae, car parking shade suppliers uae, car parking shade companies in uae, car parking shades suppliers, car parking shades suppliers in qatar, car parking shades suppliers in uae, car parking shades suppliers in ajman, car parking shades suppliers in dubai, car parking shades suppliers in saudi arabia, car parking shade companies in saudi arabia, car parking shade companies in qatar, car parking sheds in India, car parking sheds manufacturers, car parking sheds designs, car parking sheds images, car parking shades suppliers, car parking sheds in Pakistan, car parking sheds Hyderabad, car parking sheds, car parking m shed, car parking m shed, grp car parking shed uae, car parking b shed,  car park b shed, car parking sheds manufacturer,car parking shades, car park shades, car shades supplier, car parking sheds, car parking sh, car par shades, car park shade car park sheds, car sheds manufacturers, car parking shades installation, car shades canopy, car shades maintenance, hdpe car parking shades, playground shades, school shades, sail shades garden shades, pergola shades, pvc car parking shades, pvc umbrella shades,More Details Contact US Car Parking Shades 0543839003 / 0543839003 Contact Us EMAIL maqavitents@gmail.comAddress: 6 Street #43 - Sharjah United Arab Emirates. CAR PARKING SHADES SUPPLIER 0543839003
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Flushing Oil

Delmac Flushing Oil
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Buses and Vans

We are exporting all kinds of new and used buses and vans from Dubai to Asia, Africa, USA. Contact Friends Trading FZC for your bus/van export inquiry.
Supplier : Friends Trading FZC SHARJAH
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CANTEX non metallic PVC electrical conduit, pipe, fittings, accessories, utility and communications duct, directional boring conduit and residential switch and outlet boxes. Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC Pipe UV Resistant pipe UL651. Authorized distributors for Non Metallic Non Conduits and fittings in U.A.E. Cantex conduit pipe in DUBAI Cantex conduit pipe in Sharjah
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We have experienced young staff members who are all very well versed in the Customs clearing activities. We have good contacts with the Customs and other related authorities viz., Municipality & Health departments and as the result we are able to give delivery of the goods to our clients without any delay.
Supplier : Alma Cargo Forwarding & Clearing L.L.C DUBAI
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Rubber flooring and Jogging Tracks

ALL types of rubber flooring, waterproofing membrane, EPDM, vynile flooring, race track
Supplier : Tri Colors General Trading LLC DUBAI
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Supplier : Timewin Packaging Trading LLC DUBAI
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All kinds of tents
Supplier : Al Zayed Shades & Tents Industry LLC DUBAI
Posted On :4 months ago

Mask Extension Hook

Mask Ear-mounted masks to reduce the pressure and fatigue on the ears.
Posted On :4 months ago

Acrylic Sheets Office Partitions

Sheets of Acrylic.Acrylic Sheets Office Partitions
Supplier : SB Group FZE LLC DUBAI
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POM also known as Polyacetal and Delrin. This is highly crystalline thermoplastic with a high level of stability and rigidity as well as exhibits good sliding properties. POM-C has excellent sliding properties and good wear resistance, together with its other outstanding properties, POM-C is well suited for sliding applications with medium to high loads. This also applies to applications where high levels of humidity or wetness are to be expected. POM-C is not resistant to UV rays, UV rays, in combination with atmospheric oxygen, oxidize the surface, and discoloration occurs or the surface become matt. If the material is subject to the effects UV rays for a long time, it tends to become brittle.
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CAD Services

Our CAD services offers high quality engineering solutions such as CAD customization, mechanical design services, product design development and software services.
Supplier : Dcubix Technologies SHARJAH
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Five star Tents in UAE

21 Rooms and 10 tents: 11 Deluxe Room King 10 Deluxe Room Twin 7 Tents – 1 Bedroom King 3 Tents – 2 Bedroom King / Twin
Supplier : Al Badayer Retreat SHARJAH
Posted On :4 months ago

Luxury tents on the Arabian Sea coast

13 One Bedroom Tent – Sea View (139 sqm including outside deck) 2 One Bedroom Tent – Mountain View (139 sqm including outside deck) 5 Three Bedroom Tent – Sea View (344 sqm including outside deck)
Supplier : Kingfisher Retreat SHARJAH
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GREASE MANUFACTURES IN UAEDufelub are among Grease Manufacturers in UAE which provides Multipurpose grease oil is a series of high quality, lithium hydroxy stearate extreme pressure grease. It incorporates a lead free EP additive and is for use where surfaces are subjected to heavy or shock loading. It also contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life of the grease and a high level of protection for ferrous surfaces. These greases are for use in plain and rolling bearing operating under severe conditions of shock loading all types and in all kinds of machinery – including electrical motors, machine tools, textile, paper making and wood working machines and construction equipment – where the continuous operating temperatures are within the specified limits.GREASE MANUFACTURERS IN UAE PROVIDES:1. Outstanding water resistance2. Good mechanical and thermal stability maintains consistency.3. Throughout service life.3. Good anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.4. Effective extreme pressure and load bearing qualities.GREASE MANUFACTURES IN UAE BY DUFELUB CAN BE USED AS FOLLOWS:1. Suitable for mechanical transmission system working in severe conditions.2. Suitable for lubricating mechanical gear boxes and reduction drives in lorries,trucks,agricultural and constructions machinery in severe operating conditions.3. Specially developed for lubricating one or two-stage rear axels working at high temperature and for which the user requires an extended oil change interval.4. Water pump bearings, Generator bearings, Automotive wheel bearings, Steering and transmission joints, Cable and throttle linkages, Universal joints.5. For non stop lubrication6. Longer life at higher temperatures.7. Shear and oxidation stable.8. Excellent wear protection.9. Resists softening at elevated temperatures.10. Wide application range. MANUFACTURES IN UAE:1. Multifunctional use in many axels and gear boxes of a wide range. Increase extreme pressure and anti-wear properties for an optimized lubrication hypoid and non-hypoid axels.2. Grease Manufactures in UAE provides excellent thermal performance guarantees the product stable under heavy loads and at high temperatures.3. Carefully designed frictional properties with base components selected to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.
Supplier : Dufelub Lubricant Suppliers In UAE Umm Al Quwain
Posted On :5 months ago

Events and Exhibition Tents

Al Fares International Tents and Marquees are rented for the purpose of accommodating indoor and outdoor events, such as Exhibition, Tradeshows, Wedding celebrations, Concerts, Music Festivals, Carnivals, Defense Exhibitions, Sporting Events, etc. We are also engaged in other services such as Field Hospitals, Drive Through or Screening Tents,&nbsp; Cooling Solutions, Commercial, and Industrial Mobile Halls.<div></div><a href="">Event Tent Rental Bahrain</a>
Supplier : Al Fares International Tents SHARJAH
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Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

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MANULI Oil & Marine Division manufactures and sells floating, sub sea marine hoses and elastomeric pipelines for commercial use. The marine hoses are manufactured and tested in accordance with the Oil Companies International Marine Forum specification 4th Edition 1991. To comply with this, the factory is equipped to carry out pressure, vacuum, bend and kerosene testing, the results of which are logged on the clients test certificate.In addition to the marine hose, Manuli Rubber Industries has also pioneered long length elastometric hose as dynamic risers, seabed flowlines, conventional buoy mooring hose strings, and many others.
Supplier : Manuli Fluiconnecto DUBAI
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Recycling Companies in Dubai

We are one of the top most Recycling companies in Abudhabi, UAE offering top-notch E-waste management and disposal service to reduce reuse and recycle all kind of Electronic equipment wastes from your homes and workplaces.Our specifications include Computer scrap recycling, E-waste recycling and Electronic waste management in an eco-friendly way. Call us for various Electronic waste management and disposal services in UAE. Tel : +971 565682821, +971 566002025
Supplier : New Green Star Electronic Recycling Umm Al Quwain
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Fill Cap Vented

Designed for tank filling applications where a tight fill connection is not required. Threaded body installs onto riser pipe or directly into tank bung.
Supplier : Ali Yaqoob Trading Co. L.L.C DUBAI
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Establish your Business In Dubai

Establish your Business In Dubai!   ✅Get your Company License and 3 Years Residence Visa for 24,999 AED ONLY!   Call or WhatsApp us now! 📞0558104646 📱0566906106   📌Package Includes: ✅License Fee ✅Office Space ✅Service Agent ✅3 Years Partner Visa ✅Service Charges   💥Free Stamp - Sign Board - Logo - Domain and Hosting & Free Consultancy!   Don’t miss it!
Supplier : Al Hadif Documents Clearing LLC DUBAI
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Application:for handling bitumen, crude-oil, chemical and corrosive products, gasoline, glue, hydrocarbons, hydraulic controls, mineral oil, molasses, marine fuel oil, sea water, vegetable oil, very low and highly viscous liquids, liquid with entrained glass, bulk loading, / unloading Etc...   
Posted On :8 months ago

Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Powder

We bring to you a variety of iron powders. Exacting quality control, large uniform batches, high purity, and particle size uniformity enhance its desirability by manufacturers.On demand, we also provide Specification Certificate or Certificate of Analysis (COA).PURITY : 95 % TO 99.9% (AS PER CUSTOMERS DEMAND) MESH SIZE: 20 to 325 meshTYPICAL APPLICATION : Friction, diamond tools, resin filling, pigments, chemical, jewellery, brazing carbon brushes, Bearings and filter parts, Machine parts, Friction parts (mainly automobile parts).MAIN CHARACHTERISTICS OF PRODUCT: high purity, possibility of low sizes gradesPARTICLE SHAPE: irregular to sphericalRANGE AVAILABLE: Magnesium (metal) powder , Magnesium (metal) ribbon, Magnesium oxide,  Magnesium (metal) turnings, Magnesium acetate tetrahydrate, Magnesium bromide hexahydrate, Magnesium carbonate basic light, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Magnesium citrate hydrate, tri-Magnesium dicitrate hydrate, Magnesium fluoride, Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Magnesium phosphate dibasic trihydrate, Magnesium stearate precipitated, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, Magnesium sulphate dried, Magnesium trisilicate hydrate powder .PLEASE NOTE: Here only shows our regular products, feel free to contact us for more product information.
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MILLTECH fze UAE-OMAN-QATAR-BAHRAIN-KUWAIT-SAUDI.( www.milltech.coPTFE THICKNEDED PFPE GREASE WITH WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGESuperb performance at extreme temperaturesCompletely inertExcellent resistance to chemicalsGood corrosion resistanceOperating Temperature Range: (-)20 ° C to (+)250 ° C
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Empiral Clip Cap or Hair Net

CLIP CAP – NON-PP-WOVEN FEATURES: Elastic around the head for secure fit. Low Linting. Soft, light weight and breathable for user comfort APPLICATIONS: General Maintenance, Electronics manufacturing, Catering, Clean Room, Beauty Industries, Hygiene, Laboratories, food industries STYLE: Single Elastic WEIGHT: 10 GSM COLOR: White Brand: Empiral Colors: White Size: 21 Inch Material: PP Non-Woven Standard: EN CAT 1 Origin: China Packing - Carton: 10 Bags Packing - Packet: 100 Pieces Weight: 3Kgs/Carton Carton Dimension: 45 x 20 x 34 CBM: 0.0306
Supplier : Sams General Trading LLC DUBAI
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BULLET RESISTANT FIBERGLASS PANELSSafety is a matter of trust. If there is a need for ballistic safety in and around buildings, vehicles, ships and containers, we must be able to rely at all times on the ballistic protection materials used. Whether the required protection is against shots, blasts, shattering, fire or burglary, there is absolutely no room for compromise. Your safety is our priority. The key to a bullet proof wall is bullet resistant fiberglass panels. Admax is dedicated to the highest level of customer service at each step in the process of ordering bulletproof panels and deliver superior security against bullets and blast fragments.We are the leading supplier of ballistic fiberglass panels in UAE. We offer a large selection of bullet resistant fiberglass Panels. Our experience includes supply of ballistic resistant panels for a wide range of applications: commercial, governmental, educational and military. Our product manufactured from an ISO 9001:2008 certified factory.Admax offers ballistic resistant panels in 8 different levels of protection: Level 1 – Level 8. Each level is rigorously tested to meet or exceed UL specifications for that specific level. All levels are UL certified and come backed with our warranty. Our products can be used for a wide range of applications, including, Commercial, Financial, Government, Grid Security, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Military, Residential, Safe Rooms and Schools. FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT EMAIL / 0503007123
Supplier : Admax Security Solution DUBAI
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OPTIBELT           – Transmission Belts (Red Power belt) 
Supplier : Arwani Trading Company L.L.C DUBAI
Posted On :9 months ago

Hydraulic Pipe Clamps

The pipe - tube clamps are interchangeable with all other brands worldwide.FeaturesDesigned as per DIN 3015 standardsRib designed structure to provide resistance against impact and vibration dampeningProvides strength in the direction of the tube axis ensuring a high degree of sound deadeningSelection of pipe - tube clamps are as per pipe OD, W.P rating, types of steel materials being used for piping, types of layout for piping, number of piping linesPipe Tube Clamp Selections Standard Series ClampsHeavy Series Clamps Twin Series ClampsAluminium Tube ClampsRail Mounted Standard Series ClampsRail Mounted Heavy Series ClampsMultiple Layer ClampsMultiple ClampsOther Variety of Clamps
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Artificial Grass

MBM provide sports synthetic grass are suitable for all sports , and it is not limited by season, weather, and no of players. Artificial grass are durable,low maintenance and more eco friendly and safer.
Supplier : MBM ABU DHABI
Posted On :10 months ago

Epixel MLM Software

Supplier : Epixel Solutions LLC DUBAI
Posted On :12 months ago

IMER MOVER 270d EVO - Pneumatic conveyor for conventional and premixed floor screeds and Sand Transfer

Ø  Powered by : Yanmar Diesel Engine 47 HP (35 kW) 4 Cylinder Ø  Tank capacity: 270 lit Ø  Average cycle output: 220 lit Ø  Max transportable grain size: 12/16 mm Ø  Built-in screw air compressor, output : 4340 lit/min, 7 bar Ø  Loading Bucket and Hopper Ø  Hydraulic system with drive unit Ø  Automatic lubrication system Ø  Tyred wheels 195 R14 with adjustable drawbar, parking brake and light units with road-towing approval. Ø  Dimensions W/L/H : 1470 mm / 4903 mm / 2521 mm ; Weight : 1790 kg *The material flow rate and pumping distance may vary depending on  the type of material used, pumping height, material consistency, type of pump installed.
Supplier : ELMEC Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Brady printer for sale - FAS Arabia LLC

Printer suppliers UAE. Brady printer authorized supplier - FAS Arabia LLC. Contact us: 0552198670 or send a mail to BMP®51 label printer is a portable printing solution loaded with features for on-the-spot labeling. It includes a large display screen, fast print speed, Bluetooth technology, a versatile material selection and much more. Learn more about the BMP51 printer or shop for compatible accessories and label cartridges.
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SAFE RUBBER focuses on customer experience, quality control and Marine solution package. We have confidence to meet the needs of demanding customers both in terms of quality and deadlines. Welcome ship ownners, contractors and shipyards from worldwide to be our business partner.
Posted On :2 years ago

Pneumatic Valves in UAE

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Supplier : Quick Maid Cleaning Service ABU DHABI
Posted On :2 years ago

Talc Powder Supply in UAE

We are the one of the largest manufacturer for TALC Powder in UAE & Other GCC Country.  It is used in Construction Chemicals,  including paper making, Plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and ceramics..
Supplier : Gulf Minerals & Chemical Industries DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Quick action couplings

Quick action couplings (Millar, Bauer, Parrot, Camlock)
Posted On :2 years ago

Carbon Vanes

Available in all sizes
Supplier : Nasir Hussain Equipment Trading LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Cap (Tube End Closure)

IMPERIAL RANGE DIMENSION IN INCHES. METRIC RANGE DIMENSION IN MM. PART NO. T O/D L H BODY L G NUT F BODY PART NO. T O/D L H BODY L G NUT F BODY ARC 2CAP 1/8 0.81 0.53 7/16 1/2 ARC6mCAP 6 23.81 16 14 14 ARC 4CAP 1/4 0.91 0.62 9/16 1/2 ARC 8mCAP 8 25 17.7 16 14 ARC 5CAP 5/16 0.96 0.67 5/8 9/16 ARC10mCAP 10 26.2 18.3 19 17 ARC 6BHU 3/8 1.01 0.72 11/16 5/8 ARC12mCAP 12 29.4 19.1 22 22 ARC 8BHU 1/2 1.15 0.75 7/8 7/8 ARC 16mCAP 16 30.2 19.9 27 24 ARC 10BHU 5/8 1.18 0.78 1 15/16 ARC 18mCAP 18 31.8 21.5 30 27 ARC 12BHU 3/4 1.24 0.84 11/8 11/16 ARC 20mCAP 20 31.8 21.5 30 27 ARC 16BHU 1 1.51 1.03 11/2 13/8 ARC 25mCAP 25 38.1 26.2 38 36
Posted On :2 years ago

Roof Cladding Accessories

Supplier : Taj International Profile Fzc SHARJAH
Posted On :2 years ago

Geco - Polyurethane Systems - System House

Dear Sirs,                                            Polyurethane Systems  We are group of companies involved potentially in diversified business traits.    GECO Ind. Packing LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of rigid polyurethane systems in UAE.  We have well-equipped manufacturing facility & laboratory which ensure efficient production, R&D & QC of our products.  Our product performance meets domestically leading standards & win high reputation in the export market.   Our product categories are:  ·         Construction Industry: (1) Continuous Line Sandwich Panel System (2)  Discontinuous Line Sandwich Panel System (3) Spray System for insulation & waterproofing (4) Rockwool Glue System (5) Block System.   ·         Appliances: (6) Refrigerators System (7) Boiler/Heater System   ·         HVAC Industry: (8) Duct System  
Supplier : Geco Industrial Packing SHARJAH
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Fabricon International  is the premier Acrylic Supplier and Fabrication company in the UAE  with operations in Dubai, Sharjah ,Ajman, Abu Dhabi , Ras Al khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain and Umm Al Quwain. Acrylic is a polymer created with carbon molecules and is the most preferred choice as it resembles glass with superior features and have a transparency rate of 93% making it the clearest material known .. Acrylic is stronger than glass and has all the qualities like transparency ,clarity ,scratch resistant, anti-fogging, anti-glare and can be manufactured in any color desired ,and can be tinted, colored, mirrored or opaque finished. Acrylic is easier to work with than glass ,as it can be drilled or sawed off and weighs almost half. Acrylic has a clear tint no matter how thick the sheet is,as opposed to glass which has a green tint when it is thick. Various items can be fabricated from acrylic namely  Signages, Shades, Skylights, Windows, Partitions, Showcases, Display Stands, Furniture, Sculptures, Wall hangings, POS Displays, Gifts, Stationary, Suggestion Boxes, Raffle Boxes, Kitchen cabinets etc.  CHARACTERISTICS Weather ResistantAcrylic plastic can be used all weather condition as it is resistant against temperature and humidity changes TransparencyAcrylic plastic is extremely transparent and transmits 92 percent of white light. This is equal to the transparency of the finest optical glass. Impact ResistantAcrylic sheets can withstand impacts upto 20 times than that of glass. Plexiglas when shattered , breaks into relatively dull pieces compared to the sharp shards  in case of glass.Acrylic plastic is combustible and will self-ignite at approximately 860 degrees Fahrenheit. It will burn with an open flame at about 560 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a non-conductor of heat and electric current. Acrylic transparent barriers are used in zoo enclosures as it gives the visitors a clear view of the animals without compromising their safety.  Curators of Zoos and wildlife parks particularly value Hydro sight Transparent Barriers because of their enormous break resistance, while Hydro sight Transparent Barriers maintain a perfectly clear view. We undertake all kinds of customized acrylic fabrication jobs related to acrylic and polycarbonate. We provides innovative products, services and solutions for the acrylic fabrication Industry all over the UAE. We design and provide various acrylic products, such as  §  Acrylic Furniture, §  Kiosk Shelves,§  Display Stands, and§  Show Racks for Jewellery Shops,§  Mobile Phone Stands,§  Acrylic Boxes,§  Acrylic Trays,§  Acrylic Machine Covers,§  Donation Box, Tissue Box,§  Acrylic Table, Bar Counter,§  Acrylic Podium,§  Acrylic Shelf,§  Acrylic Cupboard,§  IPad Stand,§  Acrylic Laptop Stand,§  Acrylic Dome,§  Acrylic 3D Letters§  Price Stands,§  Photo Frames,§  Calendars§  Acrylic Panels§  Lighting Panels§  Acrylic Handrail§  Acrylic Rod§  Acrylic Tubes§  Acrylic sandwich panels§  Acrylic Card holder§  Acrylic kitchen Cabinets§  and other related products for commercial and industrial purposes. §  Advertising & signage §  Skylights, roof lights & domes §  Illuminated features & dance floors §  Interior displays§  Point of Sale Displays §  Safety Glazing §  Automotive accessories §  Architectural displays§  Canopies, arches & barrel vaults §  Shower screens & bath enclosures §  Furniture & accessories§  Sculptural & themed structures §  Gifts & stationery §  Desktops, wall hangings & mementoes §  Aquarium equipment§  Picture frames §  Kitchen cabins §  Shop fittings §  Custom acrylic products §  Custom made acrylic boxes §  Customized acrylic signages §  Custom made acrylic designs §  Customised acrylic stands 
Supplier : Fabricon International DUBAI
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Reciprocating Air Compressors, Valve Assemblies & Internals, Thermoplastics, Piston, Piston Rods, Piston Rings & Rider Rings, Bearings & Bushes, Gaskets & O-rings, Machined & Turned Parts.
Supplier : Early Oilfield Trading ABU DHABI
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Supplier : Seven Stars Technology LLC DUBAI
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rubber product

silicone transparent tube
Supplier : EURO RUBBER AND STEEL Umm Al Quwain
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Liquido Penetrante Magnaflux Supplier Dubai UAE

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Waste Water Management

We supplies Sweet / Salt Water and Non-Drinking Water in large quantity to different work sites and camps throughout the UAE Oil & Gas Field Projects. We offer 750 to 4,500 GL capacities of salt water tankers and 5,000 to 10,000 GL of sweet water and non-drinking water tankers.We collect sewage from Camps, Work sites etc. and dispose it by following a well legal procedure and environment friendly. We have highly featured equipment (1500 to 10,000 GL capacity ) to collect and dispose it in a proper way.Liquid Sludge & Solid Sludge is produced by the STP when normal and regular amount of treated / filter water is removed from sewage water, that this type of sludge can be called as wet or cake form sludge.Through collection with our specified GPS installed tankers and disposing in the selected government dumping station.
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Acetic Acid Glacial 99.8%

We are a specialist in Specialty chemical partner in Water Treatment,Industrial, Oilfield , Glass & Galvanizing industries, Packing ,Printing , Laboratory chemicals, Perfume raw material supplies like Caustic Soda Liquid, Caustic Soda Prills, Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC), Citric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide 35%, HCL, MPG, Soda Ash, SMBS, Sulphuric Acid, Zetag 8165, Antispumin, Ferric chloride, Calcium chloride , Calcium Hypochlorite, MEK, Caustic soda Flakes, Methanol, Mono ethylene Glycol(MEG), Tri ethanol Amine (TEA), Urea , DM Water, Sodium hypochlorite, Tikka Tablet, HTH Calcium Hypochlorite, Acetone,  Methylene Chloride, Talc,  Calcium Carbonate, Zinc oxide, Nitric Acid 65%, Ammonium Chloride,  ethanol,  Ethyl Acetate , Methoxy propanol,  DPG, Triethylene  glycol, Printing Inks, Liquor Ammonia,   Zinc Chloride,  Chromic Acid,  Aluminum Sulphate, Antiscalent, Polyelectrolyte , Salt and water treatment ,perfume , Gold manufacturing machineries and etc.Contact : +971523252423/
Supplier : Gulf Roots General Trading LLC SHARJAH
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Cargo lashing belt in uae

Lashing belts suppliers in uae For More Details Contact phone : 0565501004mail :
Supplier : United Polytrade FZE AJMAN
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Thermocouples generally trump RTD Sensors for ruggedness, speed of measurement, range of temperature and cost. These thermocouples are fabricated using premium quality raw material and latest techniques in compliance with the international standards. These are widely used in science & industry, temperature measurement for various industrial processes. Clients can avail the offered thermocouples from us at market leading prices. Manufactured as per client's specific requirements, these thermocouples can be availed by clients at affordable prices from us. Features:Optimum qualityPrecisely designedFinely finished
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Labtech Middle East are suppliers of Laboratory testing equipment for the civil engineering& construction industry. Our belief in supplying quality products at affordable prices extends right across our range.We stock products from Matest, Italy and Instron, UK. These products are specifically designed and tested to work with steel,Plastic,concrete, aggregates, soil, bitumen, cement, mortar, and encompass most of the materials that are used in construction material testing and construction industry.Please browse through our product range - thousands of products are available and more being added; whatever your needs, we are sure that you will find the right product here! If you can't find a particular item on this site, simply ask for it when you submit your quotation request. If we don't have it, we will source it for you. We believe in Customer satisfaction and ensure all attempts are taken to achieve this.When you approach Labtech Middle East you can be assured of prompt and efficient service.
Supplier : Labtech Middle East LLC DUBAI
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Emirates Technopack offers BOPP Laminates that have aesthetic appearance. These products are ideal for packaging biscuits, snacks, bottle labels, rice, tea, to name a few. ·   OPP/MOPP: Excellent moisture and light barrier·   OPP/LLDPE: Good moisture barrier, high seal strength at low sealing temperature·   OPP/POPP: Good moisture and light barrier·   OPP/MPET/LLDPE: Excellent moisture and light barrier, good low temperature resistance·   OPP: High moisture resistance and good seal ability·   MOPP: Excellent moisture barrier and good oxygen barrier·   POPP: Good moisture and light barrier, good seal ability·   MATOPP/LLDPE: Low temperature resistance
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Metal Pen

Metal Pen high quality with cusomized logo or without logo from small qty to big with a copetitive price
Supplier : Classic Touch Advertising & Printing LLC DUBAI
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39mm Ring Pull Cap

PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Poly Ethylene) Euro Head Cap. Size : 39 mm # BFS Technology Material: Preferred supplier is Lyondell Basell Rubber Disc: Customer Specific #Poly Isoprene / Bromo Butyl
Supplier : Medicap Healthcare Ltd Vadodara
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PVC Strip installation companies in Qatar

PVC strip curtain Standard Clear BlueSize : 200mm x 2mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterSize : 300mm x 3mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterStandard Transparent Size : 200mm x 2mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterSize : 300mm x 3mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterCold Store Strip curtain/Low Temperature Strip -25 DegreeSize : 100mm x 2mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterSize : 200mm x 2mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterSize : 300mm x 3mm thickness, Length (Roll) : 50 MeterPVC STRIP CURTAIN HARDWARE1. Quick Mount Type, Material: Polypropylene2. Standard Duty Hook on Track3. Plate Sets
Supplier : Aerodynamic Trading Contracting & Services , Qatar / Tele : 31475043 / DOHA
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PTFE Membrane Laminated Woven & Non Woven Fabrics

Lamination of extended PTFE membranes on needle felts improves the filtration efficiency and the overall dust removal from outlet gases, for high efficiency membranes more than 99.95% of particles, with diameter from 3 microns on are captured.
Supplier : Super Industrial Lining Pvt Ltd Vadodara
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PTFE Coated Stud Bolts

PTFE COATED STUDS, BOLTS AND NUTSPTFE coated fastener’s provides exceptional corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, consistent tensioning and subsequent ease of installation and removal.Extensive testing and field use have proven that the future of coated fastener’s lies with Fluoropolymer coatings. Previously hot dip, galvanized, cadium or zinc plated fastener’s were considered the standard. But these coatings could not stand up to the corrosive atmospheres prevalent in many industries. The most widely used application is on B7 studs with 2H nuts.Dramatic improvements in efficiency, life expectancy and corrosion resistance are claimed to be imparted to Nut and Bolt connectors by the application of a low friction PTFE coating. PTFE coated connectors have out-performed all others in aggressive any noticeable effect.PTFE coating on fastener’s will have a uniform thickness of 20 ± 5 microns to 45± 5 microns thick.
Supplier : Pearl Overseas MUMBAI
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games kinds / العاب حدائق للاطفال

العاب حدائق للاطفال مختلف الانواعChildren 's playground games of different kinds
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Marine seat belts

we supply Marine seat belts customized sizes , 2 way , 3way , 4way using chinilon and polypropeline materials. Buckle made of SS material 304 specially for marine use. Customized marine seat belts UAEmarine belt supplierLife boat beltsMarine seat belts customized Dubai supplier for Marine seat beltsAbudhabi supplier for marine seat belts
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Human Resource Management Software

Human Resources function is one of the support functions that every organization requires to work efficiently. Making things easier and convenient for HR professionals, the HRM Software is gaining a lot of popularity as an emerging concept in many enterprises.Modern day companies get the best software for HRM that brings high functionality and immense utility for the users. HR Management Software is a one-step platform used extensively by HR Departments of different companies and firms. In large companies there are thousands of employees working together and management of entire enterprise needs becomes a herculean task for the HR Department. Here, the use of HRM software proves to be quite beneficial. Some of the benefits that can be enjoyed are-Better Understand Organizational NeedsPayrollAttendanceEasy Employee Management
Supplier : NRS Infoways LLC DUBAI
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SEKO dosing pump Chemical Pump SEKO PH Controller Dealer distributor supplier in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Ajman

SEKO dosing pump Chemical Pump SEKO PH Controller ,For me more information please call/ Whatsapp us:M:  +971 50 9727 303 T: +971 6 7484 659 E-mail:
Supplier : Amir Industrial Equipment's AJMAN
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CNC jobs in UAE, E mail :, Tel : 065438442   AL BARSHA PRECISION MOLDING DIES IND. L.L.C  For industries related to Oil & Gas field, Fabrication etc. we can do the CNC job work  as per customer’s requirement. As a Mould Making Company we can also design and manufacture Injection Mould according to your requirement.
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Swivelcheck for CNC Calibration Suppliers Dubai

The Swivelcheck is an instrument used to measure rotary axes and tables in the CNC Calibration process. This instrument calibrates swivel axes and tilts tables on machine tool centers; evaluates vertical rotary axes and table performance, and measures horizontal tables and axes when used with API’s XD Laser.
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Supplier : AL Sadaf AL Abyadh Building Materials Tr. LLC SHARJAH
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Floor Protection PP Sheet Polypropylene Sheet Dealer In Abudhabi Musaffah

Floor Protection PP Sheet Polypropylene Sheet Dealer In Abudhabi Musaffah M39
Supplier : Clear Way Building Materials Trading ABU DHABI
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Storage in dubai

PM Movers  is a Dubai based packers and movers . We provide all types of services related to the packing ,Local moving and international shipping . removals, and storage. To book Call Now . Mohammed Ali, Mob:0505481357
Supplier : PM Movers and Packaging L.L.C. DUBAI
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Tents Fabric Suppliers in Dubai / PVC Fabric Suppliers / Hdpe Fabric Suppliers 0568181007

Tensile fabric Materials Dubai tensile fabrics Membrane Sharjah Fabrics Tents Fabrics Shades Fabrics Wholesales +971568181007Tensile Fabrics  Membrane Fabrics Wholesales and Retails.We Are The Tensile Shades, Membrane Fabric Dealers and Exporters.Commercial 95, Polyfab USA, CommShades, HDPE Knitted Fabrics, Austrilian Gale Pacific, Germany Mehler PVC, Polymer PVC, PVDF, FR, Tensile Fabrics, Shades Fabrics. Trading and Wholesalers, Retails, Sales and Exporters All Over the Globe.Gale Pacific HDPE Commshade Polyfab Commercial 95 Knitted Fabrics Wholesalers Suppliers Expoters from UAE.Exporters and Supplier of  tensile fabric Materials, tensile fabrics Membrane Fabrics Tents Fabrics Shades Fabrics Wholesales +971568181007 / +971505773027.Tensile Shades Fabric Wholesalers +971505773027THE MATERIALS OF TENSILE FABRIC ARCHITECTUREtent and shade materials in the UAETents Pvc RollsHDPE Fabric Wholesale and RetailHDPE Commercial 95 Fabric Trading.Gale Pacific HDPE Commshade Polyfab Commercial 95 Knitted Fabrics Wholesalers Suppliers Expoters in UAE.ALUMINIUMAt Duha Tents 0505773027 we have large stocks of aluminium profiles and extrusions for all forms of tent and shading structures.*UK ManufacturedKEDERAs part of our on-going service to the marquee and tent industry we supply British manufactured tent keder. The Kedar comes in two sizes (8mm and 14mm)*UK ManufacturedWEBBINGwe supply two types of webbing. Both are UV treated, polyester yarn with high tensile strength.Type 1 (available in black and beige)is a five row webbing with 2.5 tons breaking point.Type 2: PVC coated webbing which is weldable. Available in 2 strength (1.3 tons and 2.3 tons breaking point)*UK Manufactured THREADA twisted continuous filament polyester sewing thread with high tensile strength and tear resistance:– Good seam strength– Superior Sew ability– Better resistance to UV exposure*USA ManufacturedINDUSTRIAL GLUEHigh strength Industrial adhesive compatible with modern processes capable of providing greater flexibility ion component design.*UK ManufacturedMEHLERMehler Tex-nologies are an international market leader in the production of coated fabrics. Based in Germany they have been developing & supplying high quality textiles globally for over 60 years, and that experience shows.We are extremely proud of our association with Mehler. As an official distributor, we know first-hand the world class quality of fabric produced. We are happy to provide for our customers the following products in our Mehler range:Website: www.mehler-texnologies.comMehler PVC 550 to 900 gsm. Trading.POLYMAR SPolymar is a PVC coated polyester fabric coated both sides, which, due to its low weight, is especially suited for small and medium membrane designs.Applications: Car Parks, Gazebos, AwningsColours: White, IvoryWeights: 680gsm (spec), 900gsm (spec)*up to 10 year warranty.S900Specification SheetGale Pacific HDPE Commshade Polyfab Commercial 95 Knitted Fabrics Wholesalers Suppliers Expoters.VALMEX MEHATOPValmex Mehotop PVC and Pvdf tradingMehatop is a membrane made of multi-layer composite material with low-wick yarns in the base fabric. With further PVDF layers ensure the fabric maintains its appearance in even the most extreme conditions.Applications: Tensile Structures, Tents, Large Shades, StadiumsColours: White, Bright WhiteWeights: 700gsm, 900gsm, 1100gsm*up to 15 year warrantySpecification Sheet: FR 700, FR 900, FR 1000FR 700Specification SheetFR 900Specification SheetFR 1000Specification Sheet.PVC PVDF HDPE Fabrics Trading Sales Wholesales Retails.Al Duha Tents 0505773027 is the first specialist distributor of tent and shade materials in the UAE. Formed in 2002, we have established ourselves as the market leader in the region with a focus on customer service, quality products and reliable, consistent supply. We offer a large range of coated and netted fabrics as well as all requisite accessories and machinery, providing a one stop solution for all shading requirements. With our growth we are happy to be associated with some of the biggest brands in the industry, offering outstanding assured quality at the best prices.Gale Pacific HDPE Commshade Polyfab Commercial 95 Knitted Fabrics Wholesalers Suppliers Expoters in UAE.In order to further the needs of our customer as part of our complete solution, we also provide turnkey solutions for the welding and supply of all types of structural fabric. Complementing this line we also provide a range of tensile accessories, aluminium extrusion and machinery that provides a comprehensive array of products for any of your engineering requirements.Our ultimate goal, first and foremost, is to serve the needs of our client, whether they are based locally or regionally. In this regard we have developed a network of transport tie-ins to ensure we can get our products to you in good time wherever you are in the region. This, combined with our well stocked warehouse and experienced logistical network, means we are the reliable choice to get you your material requirements in expedited time.It is our mission to supply our customers with the best in the industry; in order to do this we are continuously expanding our range of suppliers and working with the market leaders in the sector, to ensure we not only meet but exceed your requirements. At Al Duha Tents Trading all our products come with life expectancy guarantees and all requisite safety and fire standards to ensure peace of mind.GALE PACIFICBased out of Australia, are the premier global manufacturer of shading products for commercial and Industrial use. Renowned for producing highly durable shade cloth capable of enduring extreme temperatures and providing maximum sun protection making their products highly suitable for all kinds of tension shade structures. Al Duha Tents trading, has been an official distributor for Gale in the UAE for over 10 years, and are proud to be one of their largest Retailers. We at Al Duha Tents strive to offer our customers the best products available globally, and Gale Pacific are undoubtedly the global premium supplier of shade cloth.Website link: www.synthesisfabrics.comCommercial 95 Polyfab USA CommShades HDPE Knitted FabricCOMMERCIAL 95Commercial 95 is a highly durable knitted shade cloth for use in tension structures and shade awnings. The product provides UV protection ranging from 91% to 98%. Commercial 95 is also dimensionally stable and is highly resistant to shrinkage. The fabric is UV stabilized, non-absorptive to resist rot and incorporate three way lock-stitch construction which is fray and tear resistant. Commercial 95 comes with a 10 year UV degradation warranty. Al Duha Tents Trading is happy to offer our customers the full range of 17 colours available in stock.Applications: Car Parks, Shades, Awnings, School Yards*10 Year WarrantyCOMMERCIAL 95Commercial 95 Polyfab USA CommShades HDPE Knitted FabricSpecification SheetCOMMERCIAL 95 WATERPROOFGale Pacific HDPE Commshade Polyfab Commercial 95 Knitted Fabrics Wholesalers Suppliers Expoters in UAE.Commercial 95 fabric allied to a thin clear film of PVC to provide Waterproof properties to the knitted fabric. Available in 12 Colours.Applications: Car Parks, Shades, Awnings, School Yards*5 Year WarrantyCOMMERCIAL 95Specification SheetMore Details Contact AL DUHA TENTS +971505773027 / +971568181007
Supplier : Car Park Shades ( Al Duha Tents 0568181007 ) SHARJAH
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Polymer Curtain Supplier in UAE

Name :-NAJIM ( Marketing Manager)Phone :-  0557334990Email  :- najim1100@yahoo.comPVC strip curtain / Cold Store Strip Curtain Available in standard rolls - Plain or Ribbed type- Length 50metresSize : 200mm x 3mm thickSize : 300mm x 3mm thickSize : 200mm x 2mm thickSize : 300mm x 2mm thick• Interior & Exterior Doors• Temperature Control• Room Division • Loading Docks• Noise Control
Supplier : Carrier Point FZ LLE DUBAI
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Plastic Clear Container Suppliers In UAE

We have many clear container products. Like 1 oz and 2 oz and coconut powder packing Container , Pickle cup, Salad Container, Soup container etc...For More Details Please ContactAjmal Trading LLCSharja UAEaplastic@eim.aeMob : 0506357347
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We offer specialized skills of our experienced team, consisting of factory certified technicians by all key chiller manufacturers such as Bitzer, york, carrier, trane, Mcquay, hanbell Etc.CENTRIFUGAL CHILLER SERVICES,SCREW CHILLER SERVICES,RECIPROCATING CHILLER SERVICES,ABSORPTION CHILLER SERVICES,AMMONIA REFRIGERATION CHILLER SERVICES,
Supplier : Arctic Mount Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services DUBAI
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Homeworks Folding Crate with Handle (47.5x35cm)

Large space to accommodate many itemsIdeal carrier for daily essentialsFlexible joints for easy foldingDurable body to withstand heavy weights
Supplier : Al Futtaim ACE DUBAI
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Packing company in UAEMoving company in UAEFreight forwarding company in UAEWarehousing company in UAELogistics company in UAEIndustrial packing company in UAEProject cargo in UAEFine arts company in UAEShifting company in UAEPackersPacking materialsHouse movingHouse shiftingMoversLocal moveInternational movingFor More details please contact,Mr.Sonu PaduaMobile: +971 56 9940314Email: sonu@hicorpintl.comMr.Sankaran ThyagarajanMobile: +971 56 9985428Mobile :sankaran@hicorpintl.comLandline : +971 4 3577600
Supplier : Hicorp Technical Services DUBAI
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Rubber Support Insert Supplier

Contact: Mr. Dhaneesh HaridasanEmail: dhaneesh@ontides.comMobile: +971 56 1720220
Supplier : OnTides International FZC Umm Al Quwain
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Arabic and Indian Makeup Course

This course is for those who have experience in make-up. Duration 1 week - 4 daysThis program is designed for beginners and for professional makeup artists who would like to safely perform Arabic, Eastern circuit in makeup. Upon successful completion, you will receive an international diploma licensed by Ministry of Education, UAE. 
Supplier : Makeup Academy BENTON in Dubai DUBAI
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Cargo Lashing Belt

Cargo Lashing Belt with different sizes. 
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Supplier : Albex Design & Display DUBAI
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Along with our range of slitting and rewinding machinery, we are also able to offer a range of core cutting machinery.Cardboard, Plastic and Composite Cores can be cut from various lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses. Our in-house design has also provided companies with the opportunity to order a bespoke solution for their Core Cutting requirements.The range we are able to offer include: Manual Core Cutters Semi Automatic Core Cutters Automatic Core Cutters Fully Automatic Core Cutters Bespoke Designed Core Cutters
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The AX-CN-PUC is a compact and cost effective solution for control of package units; Fan Coil and Air Handling Units in a single package.Control up to 4 compressors, a Variable Frequency (Inverter) Drive for pressure control, a power regulator for temperature control, and a humidifier, allfrom a single unit.Three analogue inputs monitor Pressure, Relative Humidity and Temperature. The unit will also monitor up to six cooling coils, automatically turning offcompressors on detection of frost. Two alarm outputs are included, one for no airflow and one as a general alarm.Annicom offers an in-house programming service for special applications, operation can be modified to suit your requirements.
Supplier : AXIO UK Annicom International FZE RAS AL KHAIMAH
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Ozone Generator O3 for Sterilization

AQUALINK DESALINATION member of AQUALINK DESAL GROUP-U.S.A. since 1990  OPERATING FOR MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA  FOR  WATER  TREATMENT AND  CONSULTATION . AQUALINK has appointed  Eng`r. Khalid as the Chief  Technical Director Operation of Middles East & (MEnA) African region. @  On behalf of AQUALINK DESAL GROUP (CEO) Eng`r.Khalid is a successful and highly Professional Engineer since +36 years practical experience and Consultants of desalination, bottling water factories & Industrial Waste Water Treatment along-with domestic with Solar power. A strong leadership motivating team to deliver effective solutions On behalf of Aqualink Desalination has done many Desalination & Mineral water bottling factories on turnkey projects in Europe / UAE / Middle East,Africa in Sudan,Tanzania & Kenya. @ His role also to maintain of Tender D/Os related to projects.Aqualink desalination is a global leader in water treatment with advance and latest technologies. PROJECTS  AWARDED ! @  Aqualink desalination signed for many Projects and ( AMC ) for preventive & corrective maintenance of RO desalination Plants and Swimming pools water & Cooling & Chiller by the systems equip, according to W.H.O and Authorities municipality Parameters @  Aqualink Awarded project RO Desalination Plants to H.H. SHK AMMAR BIN HUMAID AL NUAIMI Vice Ruler of Ajman-UAE.Aqualink desalination already commissioned many RO.Desalination Plants awarded to Aqualink by  ( Their Town Planning & Designing company, Ajman UAE ) @  Aqualink Commissioned Water bottling factory UMQ -UAE Production:5,500 BPH sizes:330ml, 500ml &1500ml with self making bottles blow machine,filling & labeling all linked connected conveyor each machine full Automation -PLC @  Aqualink Commissioned RO Desalination Plant and ( 20Liter ) Mineral water bottlng factory in Sudan-Khartoum,Owner-big Investor H.H.SHK.SULTAN BIN KHALID AL QASIMI Sharjah -UAE Production:900 BPH the biggest water bottling factory in AFRICA.source feeding from RIVER Neil water to Pure mineral Water Produce. AQUALINK  has  Perfect  Technical  Team  with  Expertise  of  Water Treatment , Purification , any kind  of  feed  Water  to  make  pure water  by  their  latest technologies , and  Waste Water  for recycling ,,                                                                                 MADE  IN  USA                 
Supplier : Aqualink Desalination Equipt, Tr. DUBAI
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Aluminum Foil Rolls for food Wrap from Dubai

Dear Sir,   Greetings from HOTPACK GLOBAL!   “UAE’s Leading Food packaging products manufacturer”   Hotpack Global is a recognized leader in both the manufacture and supply of food packaging products. Today the company has a presence in 20 locations across the Middle East , UK and a chain of network in other Gulf, African & CIS countries.   Within a limited span of time, company has grown to become one of the leading concerns in this field, because of its reputation for supplying quality products, its reasonable price structure and outstanding service. Now it has branches in Dubai ,Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman , Qatar ,India and UK .   Hotpack providing Complete Disposable Food Packaging Solutions to Food service and Household consumers, by supplying over 3,000 products, such as Disposable Plastic Cups, Food Storage Bags, Plastic Plates, Trays, Clear containers ,Plastic Cups , Straws, Microwave containers, Food containers, Cling film, Baking products, Foam products, Aluminum Products, Paper products, Tissues and Hygiene products.   We achieved An ISO 9001:2008 /22000/14001/OHSAS 18001, PEFC, FSC and ESMA Certification also which ensures top quality products.   We have many kinds of Food packaging Products, Please check out,   Our Website   Our Catalogue   And send me Product Code/ Size, Required Quantity, Your Company name, Contact number, Company Location & Port of Destination.   We Are Here To Serve You and We assure you 100% satisfaction with our product range that will want you to come back to us for more.   Awaiting for your response ASAP.   Thanks Ms. Sreeranjini Hotpack Group, Dubai Contact: 0097148051853
Supplier : Hotpack Packaging Industries LLC DUBAI
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Ayanchem FZERaman+971 55 1636450Tarpaulins are manufactured in high quality PE granules and is a large sheet of strong, flexible, andhandy water resistant or water proof cover for large areas. With our industrial experience, we areengaged in offering a wide range of Tarpaulin sheets, which is developed using optimum quality basicmaterial in compliance with the set international standards
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Frying Oil tester in Dubai, UAE

Product Description:The cooking oil tester testo 270 easily, quickly and reliably determines the quality of cooking oil. To do so, it measures the so-called "Total Polar Material“ (TPM) content in the oil and gives it as a percentage. If the oil is aged, it shows an increased TPM value. As a result, qualitatively inferior deep-fried goods are produced. In addition to this, it can contain potentially health-damaging substances. Regular measurement with the testo 270 can prevent this. The use of the measuring instrument also prevents too early replacement of the cooking oil. That reduces the cooking oil consumption by up to 20 %.The new testo 270 stands out thanks to its ergonomic design, which prevents the direct exposure of the hand to the hot oil. The clear alarm via the coloured backlit display makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil: Green means the TPM content is OK. Orange: TPM value is borderline. Red: TPM value exceeded. TheTPM limit values can also be individually defined, and can, like other instrument configurations, be protected from inadvertent alteration by a PIN.Certifications:HACCP InternationalNSF International Product Features:• Ergonomic and robust design• Rinsable under running water (IP65)• Clear alarms via backlit display using the traffic light principle• Hold and auto-hold function• Calibration and adjustment can be carried out by the user 
Supplier : Enviro Engineering General Trading LLC (Official Distributor of Testo) DUBAI
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HMI offers Raised Floor Systems, having impressive in-built properties and truly state-of-the-art technology. It is the ideal product for any field of application.   Types of Panel: WOODEN CONGLOMERATE PANEL (Chip wood) - It's constituted by a core of high density chipboard and resins; its size is mm.600x600 available in the mm.38 standard thickness and, on request, mm.28 thickness (only for structure with stringers); it's parametrically protected by self-extinguishing PVC.)   MINERAL CONGLOMERATE PANEL - It's constituted by a monolithic core of incombustible calcium sulfate, class 0 (A1 about DIN4102), REI 90/RE 120 certificated. Its size is mm.600x600 available in the mm34 or mm.28 standard thickness (on request between mm.20andmm.36). It’s very high density (1500 kg/m3) permits to obtain the highest performances of acoustic comfort, in deformability and safety in case of fire.   INERT PANEL FOR NATURAL STONE COVERING - It's constituted by incombustible calcium sulfate mm.600x600x13 reinforced by galvanized steel box or sheet mm.0,5 thickness on bottom side.This panel is utilized in very high class environments where natural stones coverings are required .  Calcium Sulphate (gypsum): This is a non-combustible material with superlative structural and physical properties, & offers outstanding levels of soundproofing.    Features:  Dimensional perfection of finished panel. Absolute matching of the joint-lines without continuity solution.   Types:  THE PORCELAIN STONEWARE THE NATURAL STONE. THE PARQUET. THE RESILIENT COVERINGS   Accessories Multi function structure that satisfies the almost totality of requests. The several kinds of “U” stringers, to be fixed with snap-on system, allow to obtain several load bearing capacities in function of specific requests. Where necessary a supplementary fixing of stringers by screws is possible Stringerless structure that requires the fixing of the bases to the slab; it’s particularly suggested for very low height as in case of restoration, where the recovery of s t r i n g e r s encumbrance is determent.  
Supplier : HMI Building Material Trading DUBAI
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33GMS 83MM Jar Preform

83MM JAR Preform exclusive ranges in 33, 38, 41, 44, 50, 55gm are manufactured using superior quality of raw materials which cater to varied applications. These preform can be customized to meet new requirements of our valuable clients.
Supplier : Nishant Mouldings PVT LTD BANGLORE
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GOLDEN LIGHTS TRADING LLC POST BOX # 27529, DUBAI, UAE Tel: +971 4 2257673 Fax: +971 4 2257981 Email: Email: URL:
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Pipe Floats

Supplier : Atlas Al Sharq Trading Establishment LLC SHARJAH
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Chemical laboratory-WATER,GREY WATER

Al Hoty stanger laboratory offers expertise in Chemical analysis of Water,waste water,Food,Steel,Soils,metalsWATERChemical and bacteriological testing to World Health Organisation and American PublicHealth Standards. Groundwater pollution and contamination studies; sewage analysis andtreatment; chlorination techniques for disinfecting pipelines and storage tanks; assessingchemical/toxic contamination; assessment of aggressive water in civil engineering projects;industrial and potable water treatment
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Through a network of common carriers, we have negotiated an effective and safe distribution system. The major parcel and express companies pick-up and deliver at our facility on a daily basis.
Supplier : Freelance Logistics LLC DUBAI
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Pressure Transmitters Suppliers in Dubai, Abu dhabi , Middle East

Supplier : Emphor IAD DUBAI
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SKIP LOADER -10 TON / 14 TON / 18 TON 
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E Commerce enabled website benefits faster order processing method. Using the power of Internet you can take orders from your associates or clients online and deliver those goods quickly than the conventional business routines.With experience of serving multiple industry needs, we offer our expertise in this aspect of website development. Whether you want to setup a shopping website for your customers or plan to introduce an online order processing system for your affiliates and partners, we provide you a wide range of B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) E-Commerce solutions to choose from. We follow structured methodology for every development. Our analysts first study your requirements and propose the online solution that fits into your business model. After taking your approval, our experienced developers work on the proposed solution to deliver quality e-commerce website that manifolds your customers as well as revenues.In order to provide the best in the technology area; we indulge in gaining expertise in the latest technical tools such as PHP and various open source tools, thus offering solutions that are compatible with your business needs that follow the current market trends.
Supplier : Cloud Nine IT Consulting ABU DHABI
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Hot Rolled Sheets

The company has cemented its position as a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Hot Rolled Sheet and Plates in Raipur. The Hot Rolled Sheet and Plates, offered by the company, are fabricated to perfection using high quality raw materials. The company is offering the finest Hot Rolled Sheet and Plates at the market leading prices to the clients.
Supplier : Ashtavinayaka Overseas MUMBAI
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Supplier : Ahmed Al Zaabi Steel Fabrication L.L.C DUBAI
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PVC bucket dealers in Dubai

Supplier : Chythanya Building Materials Trading LLC Dubai DUBAI
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