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sulfur content analyzer (X-ray spectroscopy)

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FDR-3201 sulfur
content analyzer (X-ray spectroscopy)


instrument conforms to the standards GB / T11140, GB / T17040, ASTM D4294 and
ASTM D2622. The instrument is suitable for the determination of trace amounts
of sulfur in petroleum products. Because it uses physical analysis method, high
analysis speed, no sample pretreatment, high accuracy, little artificial error,
the operator labor intensity is low, no pollution, this analysis method has
being widely used in the international and replace the other sulfur analysis



1, the
instrument uses a full English operating system, human-friendly communication

detection time is short, automatically detect the results within 30 seconds;
automatic C / H ratio correction, which is suitable for a variety of samples;

large-screen LCD display, automatically print measurement data;

4, the
instrument uses the X-ray tube excitation, so that the instrument can be
long-term use, without being affected by the source attenuation;

5, the
instrument uses a physical analysis method, the analysis does not touch and
destroy the sample, no chemical reagents;

6, the
instrument uses an integrated design, easy maintenance;

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Technical Parameters 1, the scope of analysis: S analysis range can be adjusted, the user can calibrate the work curve to select the scope of the analysis.