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Sulfur analyzer (Coulometric method)

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FDR-3106 Sulfur analyzer (Coulometric


instrument applies to electricity, coal, commodity inspection, environmental
protection, metallurgy, paper making, chemical, and other industries as well as
research and Geological Prospecting quality inspection institutions measurement
of coal, cinder, coke, the entire catalyst material and minerals, rocks, and
other petrochemical products sulfur content.

This instrument conforms to GB/T387
and ASTM D1551 standards.



1, The
instrument uses coulometric titration method, the test results are better than the national
standard, it is faster than Ashka weight method and high temperature combustion
neutralization method;

  2. The
instrument controlled
by program, heating, temperature
control, sampling,
sample return, measure results are automatic, saved automatically,
printed automatically. Greatly improved work efficiency.

3. The
instrument uses coulometric titration, the measurement time can be
automatically judged according to different coal samples, each sample is about
6min. It is faster than Ashka weight method and high temperature combustion
neutralization method.

4. The
instrument uses PID (proportional, differentiation, integration) temperature
control algorithm, accurate temperature control, heating speed.

5. The
instrument uses non-contact switch, over-temperature protection with hardware.
Safety and reliability.

6, the
instrument uses an innovative multi-point dynamic coefficient correction method
ensures high, coal test results, low sulfur content higher accuracy.

7, the
instrument uses advanced USB technology, plug and play, can be one computer to
control multiple fixed sulfur analyzer or with other instruments set up an
integrated test station, test a machine N control.
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Technical Parameters 1, the working furnace temperature: 1150 ℃ (coal), 900 ℃