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Roughness Tester

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Precision roughness tester is a high precision instrument to test the surface degree of finish. It can measure surface roughness of the
machined parts, including plane, bevel, outer cylindrical, surface, holes, trenches and axles and so on.
Surface Roughness Tester UAE
Surface Roughness Tester Dubai
Surface Roughness Tester Abu dhabi
Surface Roughness Tester Sharjah
NDT equipment UAE
NDT equipment Dubai
NDT equipment Abu dhabi
NDT equipment Sharjah
NDT equipment UAE
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◎Sensor and main unit are separated, to meet different demands of test
◎Use DSP chip to control and process data, with high speed and low power consumption
◎Compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS multiple national standards
◎Continuous working time more than 20 hours
◎Large-capacity data storage, can store 100 groups of raw data and waveform.
◎Thermal printer and instrument are integrated as a whole, quiet work, rapid print, you can print the contour curve and ratio curve of the
◎Real-time clock setting and display for easy data recording and storage.
◎With automatic sleep, automatic shutdown and other power-saving features
◎Reliable circuit and software design to prevent the motor stuck.
◎Instrument can display a variety of information tips and instructions. For example Measurement result display, the menu prompts, error
messages, and switches.
◎Can connect to the computers
◎Print all the parameters or any parameter set by the user.
◎Optional curved surface sensor, holes sensors, measuring platform, sheath of sensor, extension rod and other accessories.