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Reverse Osmosis Plants DEALERS IN AJMAN

Reverse Osmosis Plants DEALERS IN AJMAN

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Reverse Osmosis is water filtration process using membrane technology. Reverse Osmosis filter system process is more effective and cost saving. It enables to purify 99% of impurities like salt, ions and other microns dissolved in water.Natural Osmosis is a process where water flows from low solute concentration to high solute concentration, and results in developing osmotic pressure that is used to stop the water from flowing through the membrane, in order to create balance. For actual water purification treatment, Reverse Osmosis process is adopted by applying external pressure that exceeds osmotic pressure, the water flow will be reversed and thus water flow from high concentration to lower through the synthetic semi-permeable membrane which does not allow impurities or inorganic solids and particles larger than .001 microns to pass through it.
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