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Natural Air Freshener

Natural Air Freshener

Ready Stock

It has been observed that the market
is flooded with  Air fresheners
 (also known as room
sprays, plug-in deodorizers, odor neutralizers, air sanitizers, or aromatherapy
candles).  Many of these products are
Chemical based.
 These chemicals can
cause different symptoms like headaches, skin  rashes, dizziness, migraines, asthma attacks,
mental confusion, coughing and more. Some of the substances in air fresheners
are also known carcinogens (cause cancer ) and others are hormone disruptors.


Severity and triggers as well as symptoms vary from
person to person. But when used in a 
area like a house, the intense amount of toxins in a small area can be
especially problematic. Children and elder ones  are particularly susceptible to harm from
chemicals in indoor air.


Research found that , 
these products are not safe for Human being , Also not safe for


So, what is the Better Solution ?  Which product is really Safe for Family &
Environment ?


We are introducing Unique High Quality
Natural Air freshener "FRAGSHELL"  with Features :


· No Alcohol Or Aerosol ( Due to which
Allergic or lasting get affected)

· No Water Base Content (Due to which
performance & Quality get affected )

· 100 % Eco Friendly

· 100% Safe

· Eliminate Bad Odor instantly &
Refresh Instantly in Single Note .

· Last for 3 Hours.

Where can be used ?

It  can be used from 100 sq. feet to Volumetric
Areas Like  Home, Malls, Corporate Offices, Showrooms , Hospitals , Gym, Theatre Etc.

  • Product Details
  • Brand :
  • Place of Origin : INDIA
  • FOB Price : On Request
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 900 BOTTLES
  • Supply Ability : Ready Stock
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail :

    Regular Packing Size : 100 Ml / 250 Ml bottle

    Bulk Packing : 5 liter Can

  • Delivery Detail : Not Given

Application :

1. According to the segment just have to spray 4 or 5 sprays on the filter of the A.C or fabric like curtain , sofa , or any other which gives 12 hour lasting Guaranteed .

2.- Toilet Area ( one stop solution spray )

JUST spray on the walls and basins and pot and no need to put anything in your toilet like naptha balls, urinary screen or anything just spray and feel it.

3. Car Fragrance- Just spray it randomly and feel the fragrance upto 3,4 days . No need to put gel balls or perfume refills.


Fragrance : Romania, Nature Green, Florence, Heritage Gold, Aqua Fresh,  Rose, Sandal

Toilet Freshener : Lemonder , Swister

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