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Makita is the worlds leading manufacturer of power tools with an extensive range of quality power tools. Makita is the most sold power tools brand in the world due to its supreme quality and economical pricing. Adex International is the austhorised supplier of Makita in the UAE with branches in Dubai,Ajman,Shrajah,Abu dhabi,Ras Al khaimah,Fujairah,Umm Al Quwain.Adex International has an exclusive service centre for Makita power tools specialising in the servicing and repairing of makita tools.BHR262RD CORDLESS ROTARY HAMMER 26mm (LITHIUM ION) 36V  BUC250RD CORDLESS CHAIN SAW 250MM,36 36V BUH550RD CORDLESS HEDGE TRIMMER-550M 36V  BUB360Z CORDLESS BLOWER DC36V W/O BATTERY 36V  BML360Z RECHANGEABLE FLUORESCENT W/O BATTERY 36V 18V CORDLESS TOOLS -  LITHIUM ION (W/O BATTERY & CHARGER) BCF201Z CORDLESS FAN (14.4V/18V) 18V  BCS550Z CORDLESS METAL CUTTER 18V  BDF451Z CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13MMž ž 18V BHP451Z CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 18V BTD140Z CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER - 18 18V  DTW251Z CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH 18V  DUB182Z CORDLESS BLOWER 18V  BKP180Z CORDLESS PLANER 18V 18V  DJV180Z CORDLESS JIGSAW 18V 18V  DJR181Z CORDLESS RECIPRO SAW 18V (Pipe 130mm, Wood 255mm) 18V  DJR185Z CORDLESS RECIPRO SAW 18V (Pipe 50mm, Wood 50mm) 18V BGD800Z CORDLESS DIE GRINDER 8MM 18V BML185 RECHARGEABLE JOB SITE LIGHT 18V BDF451RFE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL - 13mm (3 Speed),(3.0Ah) 18V  DDF451RFE CORDLESS D.DRILL-13MM (3 Speed), (3.0Ah) 18V  DDF451RME CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13mm (3 Speed), (4.0Ah) 18V  BDF456RFE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13MM (2 Speed), (3.0Ah) 18V  BDF456SHE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL - 13M (2 Speed),(1.3Ah) 18V DDF456RFE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13MM (2 Speed),(3.0Ah) 18V  DDF456RME CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(4.0Ah) 18V BHP456RFE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(3.0Ah) 18V  DHP456RFE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(3.0Ah) 18V DHP456RME CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(4.0Ah) 18V  DHP456RYE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(1.5Ah) 18V  DHP456SHE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 13mm (2 Speed),(1.3Ah) 18V  DHR202RFE CORDLESS ROTARY HAMMER SDS PLUS (3.0Ah) 18V  DHR202RME CORDLESS ROTARY HAMMER 20MM (4.0Ah) 18V  DHR242RFE CORDLESS ROTARY HAMMER 24MM (3.0Ah), (BL Motor) 18V  DGA452RFE CORDLESS GRINDER 115MM, (3.0Ah) 18V DGA452RME CORDLESS GRINDER 115MM, (4.0Ah) 18V  BTM50RFE CORDLESS MULTI TOOL (3.0Ah) 18V DTM50RFE CORDLESS MULTI MASTER (3.0Ah) 18V  DTD146RFE CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER (3.0Ah) 18V  DTD146RME CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER (4.0Ah) 18V  BTP141RFE CORDLESS 4 MODE IMPACT DRIVER (3.0Ah) 18V  BTP141SHE CORDLESS 4 MODE IMPACT DRIVER (1.3Ah) 18V DTP141RFE CORDLESS 4 MODE IMPACT DRIVER (3.0Ah) 18V  BTW251RFE CORDLESS IMP.WRENCH 1/2"(12.7mm) (3.0Ah) 18V  BTW251SHE CORDLESS IMP.WRENCH 1/2"(12.7mm) (1.3Ah) 18V  DTW251RFE CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH 1/2" (3.0Ah) 18V  DTW251RYE CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH 1/2" (1.5Ah) 18V  DTW251SHE CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH 1/2" (1.3Ah) 18V 14.4V CORDLESS TOOLS - LITHIUM ION BDF446RFE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL - 13mm 14.4V  BHP446RFE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRILL-13mm 14.4V  BTD134RFE CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER 14.4V 10.8V CORDLESS TOOLS - LITHIUM ION DF030DWLE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL With 2 Battery & Charger 10.8V HP330DWLE CORDLESS HAMMER DRILL 10.8V JV100DWE CORDLESS JIG SAW(L-ION)10.8 10.8V 18V CORDLESS TOOLS,  NI-CD 6349DWAE CORDLESS D.DRILL - 18V (MXT) 18V 6347DWAE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13mm 18V  6391DWPE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13MM, 18V 8444DWAE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRILL-1 (MXT) 18V 8391DWPE CORDLESS PERC DR DRILL 13MM 18V 14.4 V CORDLESS TOOLS  6339DWAE CORDLESS D.DRILL - 14.4V (MXT) 3 Speed Gear 14.4V  6337DWAE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13mm 14.4V 6281DWE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 10mm 14.4V 8434DWAE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRILL 13mm (MXT) 3 Speed Gear 14.4V  8281DWAE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRIVER DRILL 10mm 14.4V  12 V CORDLESS TOOLS  4191DWA CORDLESS CUTTER 80mm - 12V 12V 6835DWA CORDLESS AUTO FEED S/DRIVER 12V  6918DWA CORDLESS IMPACT WRENCH (v) 12V 6317DWAE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 13mm 12V 6271DWE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 10mm 12V  6271DWET2 CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 10mm (with 55 pcs Accessories) 12V  8414DWAE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRILL-13mm (MXT) 3 Speed Gear 12V  8271DWAE CORDLESS PERCUSSION DRILL 10mm 12V 9.6V CORDLESS TOOLS 6261DWE CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL 10mm 9.6V DA392DW CORDLESS ANGLE DRILL 10mm 9.6V  7.2 V CORDLESS TOOLS 6010DW CORDLESS DRILL 10mm-7.2V ® 7.2V  4.8V CORDLESS TOOLS 6723DW CORDLESS SCREW DRIVER 4.8V 4.8V  RECHARGEBLE FLASH LIGHTS (W.O. BATTERY & CHARGER) ML702 RECHARGEABLE TORCH 7.2V 7.2V  ML903 RECHARGEABLE FLASH LIGHT 9.6V ML121 RECHARGABLE UTILITY LIGHT 12V  DRILL ( ELECTRIC )  6501 HIGH SPEED DRILL 6.5mm - 4500 rpm 230W  6010B DRILL 10mm - 1800 rpm 305W  6010BVR DRILL 10mm (v) (r) - 0-1800 rpm 305W  6413 DRILL 10mm (v) (r) - 0-3000 rpm 450W  DP4700 DRILL 13mm (v) (r) - 0-550 rpm 510W6301 DRILL 13mm - 1300 rpm 700W  DS4011 DRILL 13MM - 600 rpm 750W  6016 DRILL 16mm - 700 rpm 480W  6300-4 DRILL 13mm - 4 SPEED - 500/600/1100/1300 rpm 650W  DBM131 DIAMOND CORE DRILL 131mm (v) - 0-800/0-1570 rpm 1700W  DBM230 DIAMOND CORE DRILL 230MM - 270/700/1250 rpm 2500W  ANGLE DRILL ( ELECTRIC ) DA3010 ANGLE DRILL 10mm (v) (r)-45 450W  DA4000LR ANGLE DRILL 13mm - 0-400/0-900 rpm 710W MAGNETIC DRILL ( ELECTRIC ) HB500 MAGNETIC DRILL 50MM-5/8" (12 - 50mm) 1150W  DRILL PRESS TB131 DRILL PRESS 13mm - 570/890/1300/1900/2670 rpm 250W  POWER MIXER UT120 POWER MIXER - 250-580 rpm 1150W  UT1301 POWER MIXER - 1300 rpm 700W  UT2204 POWER MIXER  - 550rpm 850W IMPACT DRILL HP1230 IMPACT DRILL 12mm (v),(r) - 0-2900 rpm 400W NHP1300S IMPACT DRILL 13mm (v),(r) - 0-2700 rpm 430W  NHP1320S IMPACT DRILL 13mm 2700 rpm 430W  8416 IMPACT DRILL 16mm 1400 rpm 570W  HP1631K IMPACT DRILL 16MM 0-3200 rpm (keyless Chuck) 710W  HP1640 IMPACT DRILL 16mm 0-2800 rpm (w/o Carrying Case) 680W  HP1640K IMPACT DRILL16mm 0-2800 rpm (with Carrying Case) 680W  8419B2 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 19mm 600W  8420V HAMMER DRILL 20mm (v) 0-1400 rpm 660W HP2000 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 20mm 800W  HP2010N 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 20mm 750W  HP2050 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 20mm 720W HP2050F 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 20mm 720W  HP2070 2 SPEED IMPACT DRILL 20mm 1010W HR1830 ROTARY HAMMER 18mm 440W  HR2010 ROTARY HAMMER 20mm (v) 600W  HR2020 ROTARY HAMMER 20MM 710W  HR2432 ROTARY HAMMER 24mm WITH DUST EXTRACTION 780W  HR2460 ROTARY HAMMER 24mm (2 OPERATION MODES) 780W  HR2470 ROTARY HAMMER 24mm (3 OPERATION MODES) 780W  HR2470T ROTARY HAMMER 24mm (3 OPERATION MODES) 780W HR2475 ROTARY HAMMER 24MM  (3 OPERATION MODES) (D HANDLE) 780W  HR2611F ROTARY HAMMER 26mm (3 OPERATION MODES) (AVT) 800W  HR2611FT ROTARY HAMMER 26mm (3 OPERATION MODES) (AVT) 800W  HR2800 ROTARY HAMMER 28mm (2 OPERATION MODES) 800W  HR2810 ROTARY HAMMER 28mm (3 OPERATION MODES) 800W  HR3200C ROTARY HAMMER 32mm (3 OPERATION MODES) 850W  HR3210C ROTARY HAMMER 32mm (3 OPERATION MODES) (AVT) 850W HR3530 ROTARY HAMMER 35mm 1050W HR4030C ROTARY HAMMER 40mm - 1100W 1100W HR3540C ROTARY HAMMER 35mm 850W  HR3541FC ROTARY HAMMER 35mm(AVT) 850W  HR4001C ROTARY HAMMER 40mm 1100W  HR4002 ROTARY HAMMER 40mm 1050W  HR4011C ROTARY HAMMER 40mm (AVT) 1100W  HR4501C ROTARY HAMMER 45mm 1350W HR4511C ROTARY HAMMER 45MM (AVT) 1350W HR5201C ROTARY HAMMER 52mm 1500W  HR5211C ROTARY HAMMER 52mm (AVT) 1500W HM0810T DEMOLITION HAMMER 6.0Kg HEX Shank 900W  HM0870C DEMOLITION HAMMER 5.1kg (SDS MAX) 1100W  HM0871C DEMOLITION HAMMER 5.6kg (AVT) (SDS MAX) 1100W HM1111C DEMOLITION HAMMER 8.0kg (SDS MAX) (AVT) 1300W  HM1201 DEMOLITION HAMMER 9.1kg (21mm Hex Shank) 1130W  HM1203C DEMOLITION HAMMER 9.7kg (SDS MAX) 1510W  HM1213C DEMOLITION HAMMER 10.8kg (SDS MAX) (AVT) 1510W  HM1214C DEMOLITION HAMMER 12.3kg (SDS MAX) (AVT) 1500W HM1304 DEMOLITION HAMMER 15.0Kg (30mm Hex Shank) 1500W  HM1306 DEMOLITION HAMMER 15.1kg (30mm Hex Shank) 1510W HM1317C DEMOLITION HAMMER 17.0kg (30mm Hex Shank) (AVT) 1510W  HM1801 ELECTRIC BREAKER 29.7kg (28.6mm Hex Shank) 2000W  HM1810 ELECTRIC BREAKER 32.3kg (28.6mm Hex Shank) (AVT) 2000WHK0500 POWER SCRAPER 3.2kg (SDS PLUS) (v) 550W HK1810 POWER SCRAPER 3.2kg Small Shank (v) 505W  HK1820 POWER SCRAPER 3.2kg (SDS PLUS) 550W 6821 DRYWALL SCREWDRIVER 5mm (0-4000 rpm) 570W  FS2300 DRYWALL SCREWDRIVER 5mm (0-2500 rpm) 570W  FS4300 DRYWALL SCREWDRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") (0-4000 rpm) 570W  FS6300 DRYWALL SCREWDRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") (0-6000 rpm) 570W  6826 * SCREWDRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") (0-2500 rpm) 570W FS2500 SCREWDRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") (0-2500 rpm) 570W  FS2700 SCREWDRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") (0-2500 rpm) (6 Stage Torque) 570W  6842 AUTO FEED SCREWDRIVER 4mm x 25-55mm (4700 rpm) 470W TAPPER 6806B TAPPER (Steel-6mm,Alum-8mm) (Fwd 380 rpm, Rev 750 rpm) 200W  IMPACT DRIVER TD0101 IMPACT DRIVER 6.35mm (1/4") 0-3600 rpm 230WIMPACT WRENCH 6904VH IMPACT WRENCH 12.7mm (1/2") Drive (M10-M16) (v) 1.8kg 360W  6953 IMPACT WRENCH 12.7mm (1/2") Drive (M10-M16) (v) 1.5kg 280W  TW0350 IMPACT WRENCH 12.7mm (1/2") Drive (M12-M22) 3.0kg 400W  6906 IMPACT WRENCH 19.0mm (3/4") Drive (M16-M22) 5.6kg 850W  TW1000 IMPACT WRENCH 25.4mm (1") Drive (M24-M30) 8.6kg 1200W TILE / CONCRETE CUTTER 4100NH CUTTER 110mm (4-3/8") 1200W  4140 CUTTER 110mm (4-3/8") (Bevel Cuts 0-45 degrees) 1050W  4105KB DUSTLESS CUTTER 125mm (5") 1050W  4107R CUTTER 180mm (7") 1400W  4112HS ANGLE CUTTER 305mm (12") 2400W WALL GROOVER SG1250 WALL GROOVER 125mm (5") Depth: 0-30mm, Width: 6-30mm 1400W SG150 WALL GROOVER 150mm (6") Depth: 7-45mm, Width: 7-35mm 1800W4131METAL CUTTER 185mm (Steel up to 6mm) (TCT Blade)1100WLC1230METAL CUTTING SAW 305mm (12") (TCT Blade)1750W2414BPORTABLE CUT-OFF 355mm (14") (Abrasive Cut-off Wheel)2000W2414NBPORTABLE CUT-OFF 355mm (14") (Abrasive Cut-off Wheel)2000W2416SPORTABLE CUT-OFF 405mm (16") (Abrasive Cut-off Wheel)1430WANGLE GRINDER 100MM (4’)N9500NDISC GRINDER 100mm570W9520BANGLE GRINDER 100mm - 670W670W9553HNGANGLE GRINDER 100MM(4")710W9556HNGANGLE GRINDER 100MM-4"840W9556HPANGLE GRINDER 100mm - 840W840W9556HPGANGLE GRINDER 100mm - 840W840W9563CANGLE GRINDER 100mm - 1400W1400W9563HZANGLE GRINDER 100MM - 1100W1100WGA4030ANGLE GRINDER 100MM720WANGLE GRINDER 115MM(4-1/2”)9521NBANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2")670W9554HNGANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2")710W9557HNGANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2")840W9557HPANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (Dead Man Switch)840W9561CRANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (SJS)1200W9564CANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (SJS)1400W9564CVANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (SJS)1400W9564HZANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (SJS)1100W9564PZANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (SJS) (Dead Man Switch)1100WGA4530ANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2")720WGA4534ANGLE GRINDER 115mm (4-1/2") (Dead Man Switch)720WANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5”)9555HNGANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5")710W9558HNANGLE GRINDR 125mm (5")840W9558HNGANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5")840W9558HPANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5") (Paddle Switch)840W9558HPGANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5") (Paddle Switch)840W9565CVANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5") (SJS) (v)1400W9565CVLANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5") (SJS) (v)1400W9565PCANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5") (SJS) (Dead Man Switch)1400W9565PZANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5") (SJS) (Dead Man Switch)1100WGA5010ANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5")1050WGA5011ANGLE GRINDER 125mm (5") Large Trigger Switch1050WGA5030ANGLE GRINDER 125MM (5")720W9015BANGLE GRINDER 125mm - 1050W1050WGRINDER 150MM (6”)GA6010ANGLE GRINDER 150mm (6")1050WGRINDER 180MM (7”)GA7001ANGLE GRINDER 180mm (7")2000WGA7020ANGLE GRINDER 180mm (7")2200WGA7030ANGLE GRINDER 180mm (7")2400WGA7040SANGLE GRINDER 180mm (7") (Soft Start)2600WGA7050ANGLE GRINDER 180mm (7") (Soft Start)2000WANGLE GRINDER 230MM (9”)GA9020ANGLE GRINDER 230mm (7")2200WGA9030ANGLE GRINDER 230mm (7")2400WGA9040SANGLE GRINDER 230mm (7") (Soft Start)2600WGA9050ANGLE GRINDER 230mm (7") (Soft Start)2000WTM3000CAC MULTI TOOL(W/O.ACCESSORIES)320WDIE/STRAIGHT GRINDER906DIE GRINDER 6mm (25,000 rpm)240W906HDIE GRINDER 6mm (27,000 rpm)320WGD0600DIE GRINDER 6mm (25,000 rpm)400WGD0602DIE GRINDER 6mm (25,000 rpm) (Short Nose)400WGD0800CDIE GRINDER 8mm (7,000-28,000 rpm) (v) (Soft Start)750WGD0810CDIE GRINDER 8mm (1,800-7,000 rpm) (v) (Soft Start)750W9105STRAIGHT GRINDER 125mm (5") (4,800 rpm)750WBENCH GRINDERGB600BENCH GRINDER 150mm (6")220WGB601BENCH GRINDER 150mm (6")220WGB602BENCH GRINDER 150mm (6") Magnifying Glass with Light250WGB800BENCH GRINDER 205mm (8")540WGB801BENCH GRINDER-205MM (8") Magnifying Glass with Light550WCONCRETE PLANERPC1100CONCRETE PLANER 110mm (4-3/8") (10,000 rpm)1020WPC5000CCONCRETE PLANNER 125mm (5") (10,000 rpm) Soft Start1400WPC5001CCONCRETE PLANER 125mm (5") (10,000 rpm) Soft Start1400WDISC SANDERGV6010DISC SANDER 150mm (6") (4,500 rpm)440WGV7000CDISC SANDER 180mm (7") (2,500-4,700 rpm)(V) Soft Start900WSA7000CANGLE SANDER 180mm (7") (1,500-4,000 rpm) (V) Soft Start1600WSA7021DISC SANDER 180mm (7") (6,600 rpm)2200W9218PBPOLISHER 180mm (7") (2,000 rpm)570WPV7000CPOLISHER 180mm (7") (600-2,000 rpm) (V) Soft Start900W9207SPBSANDER POLISHER 180mm (7") (L-2,000, H-3,800 rpm)700W9227CSANDER POLISHER 180mm (7") (600-3,000 rpm) (V) Soft Start1200WPW5001CSTONE POLISHER 100mm (7") (2,000-4,000 rpm) (V) Soft Start900WSTONE POLISHERMULTI TOOLPOLISHERSANDER POLISHERBELT SANDER9032BELT SANDER 9mm (Options: 6mm/13mm Arm Ass'y)500W9031BELT SANDER 30mm550W9401BELT SANDER 100mm940W9403BELT SANDER 100mm1200W9910BELT SANDER 76mm (v)650W9920BELT SANDER 76mm (v)1010WWHEEL SANDER9741WHEEL SANDER860WFINISHING SANDER / ORBITAL SANDERBO3700FINISHING SANDER 93mm x 185mm180WBO4510FINISHING SANDER 110mm x 100mm180WBO4556FINISHING SANDER 112mm x 102mm200WBO4566FINISHING SANDER 100mm x 164mm200WBO4900FINISHING SANDER 115mm x 229mm330WBO4901FINISHING SANDER 115mm x 229mm330W9045BFINISHING SANDER 114mm x 234mm520W9046ORBITAL SANDER 115mm x 229mm600WRANDOM ORBIT SANDERBO5030RANDOM ORBIT SANDER 123mm300WBO5041RANDOM ORBIT SANDER 123mm (v)300WBO6030RANDOM ORBIT SANDER 150mm (6") (v)Soft Start310WBO6040RANDOM ORBIT SANDER 150mm (6") (V) Soft Start750WSLIDE COMPOUND / MITER SAWLS0714SLIDE COMPOUND SAW 190m (7-1/2")1010WLS1040MITER SAW 255mm (10")1650WLS1016SLIDE COMPOUND MITER SAW 255mm (10") (DXT)1510WLS1018LSLIDE COMPOUND MITER SAW 255mm (10") S Start, Laser Marker1430WLS1216SLIDE COMPOUND SAW - 305mm (12")1650WLS1440MITER SAW 355mm (14")1380WLH1040TABLE TOP MITER SAW 260mm (10-1/4") Soft Start1650WLH1200FLMAKITA TABLE MITER SAW - 305mm (12") Soft Start, Laser Marker1650WLF1000FLIP OVER SAW 260mm (10-1/4") Soft Start1650WMLS100MITER SAW 255mm (10")1500WTABLE SAW2703TABLE SAW 255mm (10")1650W2704TABLE SAW 255mm (10")1650WMLT100TABLE SAW 255mm (10") Soft Start1500W2712TABLE SAW 315mm (12") Induction Motor2000WCIRCULAR SAW5007NCIRCULAR SAW 185mm (7-1/4")1800W5800NBCIRCULAR SAW 180mm (7-1/8")900W5806BCIRCULAR SAW 185mm (7-1/4")1050WN5900BCIRCULAR SAW 235mm (9-1/4")2000W5201NCIRCULAR SAW 260mm (10-1/4")1430W5103NCIRCULAR SAW 335mm (13-1/8")1750W5402CIRCULAR SAW 415mm (16-5/16")1750WSP6000-PRCIRCULAR SAW PLUNGE CUT 165mm (6-1/2") + free Guide Rail1300WJIG SAW4300BAJIG SAW 26mm Stroke length390W4300BVJIG SAW 26mm Stroke length (v)390W4326JIG SAW 18mm Stroke Length450W4327JIG SAW 18mm Stroke Length (V)450W4329JIG SAW 18mm Stroke Length (V) ORBITAL450W4350CTJIG SAW 26mm Stroke Length (V) ORBITAL720W4350FCTJIG SAW 26mm Stroke Length (V) ORBITAL with JOB Light720WSCROLL SAWSJ401SCROLL SAW 50mm Thickness, Throat 406mm50WRECIPRO SAWJR3050TRECIPRO SAW (In Pipe: 90mm) (V)1010WJR3060TRECIPRO SAW ORBITAL (In Pipe: 130mm) (V)1250WJR3070CTRECIPRO SAW, ORBITAL (In Pipe: 130mm (V) Soft Start)1510WBAND SAW2107FKPORTABLE BAND SAW (V)710WLB1200FSTATIONARY BAND SAW (Thickness: 165mm, Throat: 305mm)900WPOWER PLANER1902POWER PLANER 82mm - 580W580WN1900BKPOWER PLANER 82mm W/CARRYING CASE580WN1923BKPOWER PLANER 82mm W/CARRYING CASE600WKP0810KPOWER PLANER 82MM W/CARRYING CASE850W1911BPOWER PLANER 110mm840W1805NPOWER PLANER 155mm1140W2012NBPOWER PLANER 304mm1650WPLATE JOINER / BISCUIT JOINERPJ7000PLATE JOINER701WROUTER & TRIMMERRT0700CTRIMMER 6mm / 8mm (V) (Accessories Optional)700W3700BTRIMMER 6mm440W3709TRIMMER 6mm530W3710TRIMMER 6mm (With Tilt Base)530WRP0900ROUTER PLUNGE TYPE 8mm900W3601BROUTER 12mm - 930W930W3612BRROUTER (PLUNGER TYPE) 12mm1600WRP1800ROUTER 12mm (1/2")1850WRP2300FCROUTER 12mm (1/2") (V) Soft StartCUTOUT TOOL3706CUTOUT TOOL 6.35MM550WSASH ROUTER4403SASH ROUTER 6mm (Mills & Drills Aluminium Sashes)530WSHEARS / NIBBLERSJS1300STRAIGHT SHEAR 1.3mm (v)570WJS1601STRAIGHT SHEAR 1.6MM380WJS1602SHEAR 1.6MM300WJS3200SHEAR 3.2mm660WJS3201SHEAR 3.2MM - 710W (1/8")660WJN1601NIBBLER 1.6mm - 550W550WJN3200NIBBLER 3.2mm - 660W660WPNEUMATIC TOOLSAT1025BPNEUMATIC STAPLER (Gauge: 20,10x10-25mm)AT1225BZPNEUMATIC STAPLER (Gauge: 21,12x10-25mm)AT425BPNEUMATIC STAPLER (Gauge: 20, 4x10-25mm)AF201ZPNEUMATIC PINNER (Gauge: 23, 0.63x12-25mm)AF301PNEUMATIC BRAD NAILER (Gauge: 18, Length: 10-30mm)AF505PNEUMATIC BRAD NAILER (Gauge: 18, Length: 15-50mm)ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW5016BCHAIN SAW 405mm (16")1300WUC4020ACHAIN SAW ELECTRIC 400mm (16")1800WUC4530ACHAIN SAW ELECTRIC 450mm (18")1800WPETROL CHAIN SAWDCS230TPETROL CHAIN SAW 250mm (10")22.2ccDCS460PETROL CHAIN SAW 450mm (18")45.6ccDCS4610PETROL CHAIN SAW 400mm (16")45ccDCS5200PETROL CHAIN SAW 450mm (18")52ccDCS6401PETROL CHAIN SAW 500mm (20")64ccDCS7301PETROL CHAIN SAW 600mm (24")72.6ccDCS7901PETROL CHAIN SAW 700mm (28")78.5ccDCS9010PETROL CHAIN SAW 740mm (30")90ccELECTRIC HEDGE TRIMMERUH4570HEDGE TRIMMER 450mm (17-3/4")550WUH5261HEDGE TRIMMER 520mm (20-1/2")400WUH6570HEDGE TRIMMER 650mm (25-1/2")550WUH7580HEDGE TRIMMER 750mm (29-1/2")670WPETROL HEDGE TRIMMEREH6000WPETROL HEDGE TRIMMER 600mm (23-5/8") Double-Sided Blade22.2ccEH7500SPETROL HEDGE TRIMMER 750mm (29-1/2") Single-Sided Blade22.2ccEH7500WPETROL HEDGE TRIMMER 750mm (29-1/2") Double-Sided Blade22.2ccELECTRIC STRING TRIMMERUR3000STRING TRIMMER450WPETROL STRING TRIMMERRST250PETROL STRING TRIMMER 24.5c24.5ccPETROL BRUSH CUTTERRBC2500BRUSHCUTTER 2 STROKE ENGINE24.5ccEM2650UHBRUSH CUTTER 4 STROKE ENGINE24.5ccRBC411BRUSHCUTTER 2 STROKE ENGINE40.2ccELECTRIC LAWN MOWERELM3311ELECTRIC LAWN MOVER 330mm (13")1100WELM3711ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER 370mm (14-1/2")1300WELM4110ELECTRIC LAWN MOVER 410mm (16-1/8")1600WELM4601ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER (Self Propelling Function)1800WELM4612ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER 460mm (18-1/8")1800WELM4613ELECTRIC LAWN MOVER 460MM (Self Propelling Function)1800WPETROL LAWN MOWERPLM4120PETROL LAWN MOWER 410mm (16-1/8")140ccPLM4620PETROL LAWN MOWER 460mm (18-1/8")190ccPLM4621PETROL LAWN MOWER 460mm (18-1/8") Self Propelling190ccPLM4622PETROL LAWN MOWER 460mm (18-1/8") Self Propelling190ccPLM5113PETROL LAWNMOWER 510mm (20") Self Propelling, Steel Deck190ccPLM5117PPETROL LAWN MOWER 510mm (20") Push Type, Alum. Deck190ccPETROL AIR BLOWERBHX2500PETROL BLOWER 4-STROKE24.5ccBBX7600PETROL BLOWER 4-STROKE75.6ccELECTRIC AIR BLOWERUB1100BLOWER Without DUST BAG600WUB1101BLOWER Without DUST BAG600WPRESSURE WASHERHW112HIGH PRESSURE WASHER 370 L/Hr, Max:120 bar1.6kWHW131PROLINER PRESSURE WASHER 500 L/Hr, Max:130 bar2.3kWHW132HIGH PRESSURE WASHER 420 L/Hr, Max:140 bar2.1kWHW151HIGH PRESSURE WASHER 500 L/Hr, Max:150 bar2.5kWPOWER CUTTEREK6100POWER CUTTER 300mm (12")61ccDPC7331POWER CUT 350mm (14")73ccGENERATOR (50Hz)EG241AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ2.kWEG2850AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ2.6kWEG321AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ2.4kWEG441AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ3.6kWEG5550AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ5.0kWEG601AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ4.6kWEG6050AGENERATOR 230V-50HZ6.0kWVACCUM CLEANERVC3210LX1VACUUM CLEANER (WET&DRY) Dust: 37L / Water: 27L1050W440VACUUM CLEANER (WET&DRY) Dust: 35L / Water: 17L1000WHEAT GUNHG5012HEAT GUN (Temp. Low-350˚C, High-500˚C)1600WHG6020HEAT GUN (Temp. : 50˚C - 600˚C), (127V-1500W)2000WHG651CHEAT GUN (Temp. : 80˚C - 650˚C), Digital Display2000WSK102ZCROSS LINE LASER LEVELER 15mSKR301AUTOMATIC SELF LEVELLING LASER LEVELLD050PLASER DISTANCE METER (50M)LD080PILASER DISTANCE METER (80M)LASER LEVELLASER DISTANCE MEASURE407-110VACUUM CLEANER (WET&DRY)-104324PRC-110JIG SAW 18mm (v) - 400W6270DWET2CORDLESS DRIVER DRILL - 10m6824DRYWALL SCREWDRIVER 5mm - 59047UK-110ANGLE GRINDER 180mm - 2300W9557NB-110ANGLE GRINDER 4 1/2" - 115VBSS610ZCORDLESS CIRCULAR SAW 18VOLDBM131-110DIAMOND CORE DRILL 131MM-11DBM230-110DIAMOND CORE DRILL(WET)230MDCS34PETROL CHAIN SAW - 350mm (1HR2440-110ROTARY HAMMER 24mm (v) (r)HR3000CROTARY HAMMER 30mm - 850WHR5001C-110ROTARY HAMMER 50mm-110VSK20SPLASER LEVEL3625.Adex International L.L.C was established in the year of 1998 to provide high quality products and services in UAE. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a stockist and supplier of Industrial Tools, Machine Tools Accessories, Hand Tools, Compressors, Wood Working Tools, Engineering & Precision Tools, Carpentry Equipment, Aluminium Fabrication Equipment,safety and hygiene products in U.A.E. We at ADEX strive for excellence in every aspect we deal in by quoting the best price, ensuring the right goods get delivered on time to meet your needs and client satisfaction which is of paramount importance to us.ADEX INTERNATIONAL LLC primarily focus on export of Industrial tools,air compressors and generators to GCC countries like Saudi Arabia,Oman,Kuwait,Bahrain,Qatar and also African countries like Eygpt,Lebanon,Sudan and Russian countries like Azerbaijan,Uzbekistan etc.We deal in  leading brands like MAKITA,MILWAUKEE ,AEG,STANLEY,IRWIN,HILTI,BOSCH,BLACK AND DECKER,MATADOR,ABAC,HELVI,BAHCO,OPTI BELT,OMCN,FLUKE,DORMER,BLICKLE,RODCRAFT, etc. any brand for that matter.Looking forward to meeting  you.OUR PRIME SUPPLIER BRANDS/PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRIAL TOOLS.  GGA AIR COMPRESSOR, MAKITA POWER TOOLS,ELEMAX HONDA GENERATORS,FLEX POWERTOOLS ,SELTA HAND TOOLS,ABAC AIR COMPRESSORS,DEWALT POWERTOOLS ,ELCOMETER,FLUKE ,MEGGER,RODCRAFT PNEUMATIC TOOLS,STRONGHOLD TROLLEY JACKS,STRONGHOLD ENGINE CRANES ,SOYER STUD WELDING MACHINE ,BTH STUD WELDING MACHINE ,GENIE LIFTS AND GENIE MOBILE WORK PLATFORMS     ADEX INTERNATIONAL LLCQUSAIS DUBAIPHONE 042558915SUHAIL 0564083305AZEEM 0555775434Email :  
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