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Vision Screener in Dubai

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The Importance of Vision ScreeningThe eyes are a person’s windows to the world. Without good vision, one can experience a sense of helplessness and may even suffer in other skills necessary for a full and functional lifestyle. Utilizing the Titmus VSeries vision screeners, you will quickly be capable of assessing whether a person’s vision is within the normal parameters. Visual abnormalities will be revealed, often motivating action for a referral for further visual examination and possibly a much-needed visual correction. Consequently, that person’s quality of life can be enhanced. The vision screener is capable of testing functions not determined by the typical “wall” or “eye” chart. Binocularity, muscle balance, color perception, acuity at near and far, color deficiency, depth perception, and a myriad of other visual functions can be screened. The wall chart screens for acuity only, leaving many visual abnormalities unidentified.
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