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Lento 650VA DSP Sine wave Home Inverter is developed with advanced technology to provide Pure Sine Wave output. Lento Inverters / UPS deliver best of the power supplies if compared with ordinary UPS and inverter systems. UPS of other brands delivers distorted output particularly on normally encountered loads like Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), Tube Lights, Motors, Coolers, Computers, etc. Distorted waveform is harmful for almost all the home appliances. Lento Industries Private Limited delivers quality output in its 600VA Home Inverter with reliable performance at a reasonable price.

Our Domestic Series of Inverters has become very popular among a number of customers. Our domestic inverters and UPS systems are designed for providing an even flow of power output for different home appliances.Lento Industries Private Limited is emerging as the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter in the countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Senegal,Nigeria, Ghana, Nepal,Bangladesh, Vietnam etc.


  •      DSP Based Design with absolute and stable Sine Wave output voltage and frequency.

  •     State of the art MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with Dynamic Stability

  •     Over Temperature Protection

  •     More back-up being a Sine Wave UPS (ASIC Control)

  •     No humming Noise (Silent UPS)

  •     Selector Switch for Normal / UPS

  •     Selector Switch for High Charging and Low Charging

  •     Intelligent Charger for Deep Discharged Battery.

  •     Advance Battery Management for longer battery life and prevent battery from overcharging.


  •     Power Back -up for House hold as well as the computer

  •     Small Water pumps and all motor based small applications

  •     TV Sets, Fans, Tube Lights, etc.

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                               Description                                            650VA/12V

Output Voltage at No Load

220V ±5V AC

Output Current

2.36 A ± 0.5A

Output Frequency

50.0 Hz ± 1.0 Hz

Output Wave Form

Sine Wave

Nominal Battery Voltage


Low Battery Cut Off

10.5V ± 0.2V



Change Over Time Inverter to Mains

Approx 20msec

Change Over Time Mains to Inverter

Approx 30msec

Input Voltage

100 VAC to 280 VAC ± 5 VAC




Change Over Time Inverter to Mains


Change Over Time Mains to Inverter


Input Voltage

180 VAC to 260 V ± 5 VAC



Charger Current Normal Charging

10A +/- 2 A

Charger Current High Charging

12A +/- 2A



Mains ON, Battery Back-Up On

Short Circuit/Overload, Over Temperature

Battery Charging/Charged, Battery Low, Mains Fuse Blown



Wiring Fault, Battery Voltage Low(4 Auto Retries),Over Load(6 Auto Retries)

Battery Over Charge, Over Temperature, Short Circuit(1 Retry),Battery Deep Discharge Protection