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Oven Cleaner supplier UAE

Oven Cleaner supplier UAE

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Key Properties:

Removes stubborn burnt on grease.
Ideal for use on ovens,grills and salamanders
Diluted concentrate for cle aning fryers


Oven Cleaning:
Bring Oven t emperature to 60-BO"C
Spray on internal cooking cabinet including shelves
Allow a 5-15 minutes contact time
Agitate with a brush or scouring pad
Rinse and allow to air dry.

Grill Top:
Pour bh-31 neat on heated grill top
Leave for 5-10 minutes
Scrape diluted grease
Pour water to remove

Fryer Cleaning:
Drain oil and close valve.
Fill with water to oil fill level
Add bh-31 at 5% rate
Bring f ryer to boiling point for 10-25 minutes
Cool, drain and scrub residues with a brush
Rinse with clean, hot water and allow to air dry

Grill extractor cleaning:
Dismantle grill extractor
Soak in 5-15% of bh- 31 solution for 20-30 minutes
Rinse well with clean water and allow to air dry.

Technical Data:

Appearance: Clear Colorless Liquid
Odour: Characteristic
Density at 20"C: 1.10
pH of neat at 20"C: 12.0-13.5

Health and Safety:

Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product Is provided in a separate Material Safety Data Sheet.


Product should be stored In original containers away from extreme temperature. Keep containers tightly sealed away from c hildren.

Available in 4x5 liters pack

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