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Pumps in Dubai

Pumps in Dubai

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The air-operated double diaphragm pumps, double diaphragm pumps FDA, pulsation dampers, centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps, drum transfer pumps, agitators and pumps peristaltic ,
have numerous applications in several areas:

chemical and petrochemical production and processing of basic products
textile industry
food, beverage, dairy, beverages and oils
ecological industry, waste disposal, fumes and water purification.
and flexographic printing industry and photographic
tanning industry
automotive industry in general and automotive
ceramic industry, glass and porcelain
gold industry
paper industry
electronics industry and printed circuit boards,
electroplating industry, pickling, degreasing and metal treatments generally
Paint and varnish industry
oil industry
fertilizer production industry
metal industry
biodiesel industry, electricity production and accumulators
industrial detergents industry
pharmaceutical industry

They are also used for the construction of:

facilities and equipment for the 'drinks industry
plant, machinery and equipment for the 'chemical
facilities and equipment for the 'wine industry
machinery and equipment for the printing industry
systems and equipment for purification, 'ecology and waste disposal
tissue fixation and processing machines
machines for tanneries
equipment for pharmaceutical laboratories
machinery and equipment centrifugation
facilities and equipment for the 'wine industry
systems and equipment for the production of alkali
purification plants' wet air
systems and equipment for purification, 'ecology and waste disposal
apparatus for suction
plants for car wash detergents and waxes
facilities for printing inks, recycling and power to transfer solvents
plants for industrial laundry soaps, degreasers and bleach
wastewater treatment plants to control PH acids / caustics, flocculant, coagulant
plants and tumbling gold
galvanizing plants, metal plating and anodizing

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