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Drum Pumps

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The drum pumps, 

The drum pumps and container pumps JP are light, handly and powerful devices for an economic and safe filling and transferring of thin fluid up to middle viscous, neutral or aggressive media out of drums and containers. They can be used as transportable or stationary drum and container pumps and are designed for a intermittent, non-continuous use. A well engineered and technologically clear design our drum pumps guarantees you an efficient and operationally reliable usage.

Different pump tubes of our drum pumps for different media are interchangeable and can be used with same electric or pneumatic driven motor. Outside ex areas our pump tubes can be also combined with the motors of some of our competitors and vice versa. Please ask us for details and convince by yourself of our expert advice and the optimal cost performance ratio of our drum pumps.

A suitable drum pump for each application

Drum pumps as laboratory pumps
The economic and safe solution for the filling and refilling of small quantities of aggressive media like acids, alkalies, cleaning solutions out of balloons, cans or 60 / 200 liter drums is called Fluimac laboratory pumps.

Pump tubes for aggressive, corrosive, neutral and non flammable media.
Our pump tubes made of Polypropylene and a shaft in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy are the right choice for a safe and economic transferring of these media out of cans, 60 or 200 liter drums, 1000 liter containers (IBCs) or bigger containers. These pumps are mostly sold to chemical or galvanic field.

Pump tubes for highly aggressive chemicals
The drum pumps made of PVDF are designed for highly corrosive acids and alkalies when Polypropylene is not resistant any more or if the temperature of the medium is between 50 and 90° Celsius.

Pump tubes for mineral oil products
The pump tubes made of Aluminium can be used for pumping diesel, fuel oil, hydraulic oils, machine oils, mineral oils and many other non flammable media. The pumps are especiallyused by our customers in the automotive industry. 
With the JP-280 universal motor all media up to 1.000 mPas can be handled.

Pump tubes for flammable media
For pumping flammable media or use in hazardous areas only pump tubes made of Stainless Steel are allowed to be used. 
They fulfill the highest quality standards of operational safety and all security aspects as well as the strict requirements of ATEX 100a.

Mixing pump tubes
Mixing pump tubes are designed for those applications in which thin fluid up to middle viscous media have to be mixed before these liquids will be pumped out of 200 liter drums or containers.

Pump tubes for a complete drum emptying
These drum pumps are designed for a nearly complete drum emptying of neutral, lightly aggressive, dangerous and economically valuable media. These pump tubes are made of Stainless Steel and are mostly used by our customers in the pharmaceutical and in the cosmetics industry for many different aplications

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