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Oxygen absorber for food storage

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absorber packets are made from chemical components which is vacuum sealed bags
packaged in polyester or polyethylene material and mainly designed to control
oxygen from any type of packaging environment.

absorbers are intermingling of adsorbents will absorb approximately three times
its weight in oxygen and protect products from mold, mildew, odor, color
change, loss of quality. Oxygen scavengers can help to keep packaging
products for 5 to 10 years because they are made from natural zeolite and iron
powder, can control 0% oxygen from packaging container.
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 FDA approved  Inhibit the formation of bacteria growth, mold and mildew  Extend product shelf life  Extend life of pharmaceutical packaging products  To help eliminate the need for additives, gas flushing and vacuum packing.  Removes the need for extracts such as sulfur benzoates, dioxide, etc.  Environmentally and easy to use  Expressively improves keeping qualities of polyunsaturated oils or liquids