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Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) is your destination for Geotextlies and grout bags. The Atlantic Geotextiles are permeable polypropylene or polyester fabrics with the ability to filter, separate, protect and drain selectively. Geotextile products are placed at the tension surface to strengthen soil, hence have found applications in Construction, Marine, Petrochemical and Quarrying sectors. They are widely used in embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, bank protection, and coastal protection.

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Geotextile Grout Bags / Concrete Mattress are made from double-layer high strength polyester and polyamide fabrics, which come in rolls of varying sizes equipped with filling vents making it easy to install and fill. The mattress is filled by pouring concrete through the vent, excess water is expelled through the pores retaining concrete within the mattress. Grout Bags / Concrete Mattress is used in erosion control, stabilization of banks and slopes, protection and ballast of underwater pipelines, flexible formwork for underwater cement mixtures injection.Sand Bag are cost effective shoreline “armoring” which can be can be stacked one top of the other to form rock hard structures which help prevent coastal eros