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We bring to you a range of Titanium alloy electrodes, titanium cathodes, titanium anodes that differ in usage depending on the specific properties required in the weld deposited. These include corrosion resistance, ductility, high tensile strength, the type of base metal to be welded, the position of the weld (flat, horizontal, vertical, or overhead); and the type of current and polarity required.Our Insoluble Electrodes (Anodes & Cathodes) comprise of titanium and is used to a great extent for electrochemical process equipment and for electrodes, e.g., anode material in the electrolysis of chlorine, chlorate, and manganese dioxide. These insoluble anodes are widely used in the following applications:Electro dialysis - in waste water treatment, water conditioning and the synthesis of organizing compoundsCathodic protection of various structures like offshore, ships, reinforcement bars concreteWet electro deposition of precious metals like Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Palladium and Non-ferrous metals like Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Tin, Cobalt & ZinC Production of Chlorate, Perchlorates, Chlorine / Caustic Hypochlorite along with Electrolytic production of chromic acid and Hydrogen from waterElectrochemical cleaning of electronic componentsElectro-galvanizing of Steel Strip and electrolytic metal recElectrophoresis.Grade Available:ER Ti-1, ER Ti-2, ER Ti-5BRAND: IMPORTED
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