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Iron And Iron Alloy Powder

Price : USD3


We bring to you a variety of iron powders. Exacting quality control, large uniform batches, high purity, and particle size uniformity enhance its desirability by manufacturers. We provide purity from Minimum of 95 % to Maximum of 99.9%. We have in different mesh from 20 to 325 mesh.On demand, we also provide Specification Certificate or Certificate of Analysis (COA).Uses:Iron powder is used as a uniform filler substance to increase the weight like of a plastic or polymer mold for specific engineering tasks. In the making of magnetic paints and magnetic boards, iron powders are used as a coating on the surface.Superfine iron powder is utilized for making such magnetic paints.Most iron powders are used for automobile parts. : Steering parts, suspension, and brake parts, Engine parts ,seat and doors part, Transmission parts.Iron powder is also used for the following: Bearings and filter parts. Machine parts, Hand Warmers,High strength/wear-resistant parts,Magnetic materials,Friction parts (mainly automobile parts).Grade available in Superfine Iron Powder:UHA, UHB, UHD, UHF, UHF-P, UIF, UI-100, ZB, ZF, SE-02, SE-04, SR-BGrade of Iron Powderavailable for high density application:AIP100.29,AIP100.32,AIP8.29Grade of Iron Powderavailable for low and medium density application:SLM100.24,SLM100.26,SLM100.29,F-100,SIP100.29G,AIP100.25RANGE AVAILABLE:Iron Nanopowder , Iron Oxide Nanopowder (Iron Oxide Nanopowder Fe3O4 ), Iron Oxalate 99.9% AR, Cobalt Iron Oxides Nanopowder , Manganese Iron oxide Nanopowder , Nickel Iron Oxide Nanopowder , Nickel Zinc Iron Oxide Nanopowder , Zinc Iron Oxide Nanopowder , Strontium Iron Oxide Nanopowder , Zinc Cobalt Iron Oxides Nanopowder , Zinc Manganese Iron Oxides Nanopowder, Ammonium iron citrate , Ammonium iron sulphate, Iron (metal) filings , Iron chloride , Iron nitrate.PLEASE NOTE: Here only shows our regular products, feel free to contact us for more product information.
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  • Place of Origin : INDIA
  • FOB Price : USD3
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 50 GRAMS
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  • Packaging Detail : HDPE PACKING BAGS.
  • Delivery Detail : 10-20 BUSINESS DAYS
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