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Abrasion Resistance plate Is one of the signature product of Metal vision. We are stockiest and
exporters in various countries like Abudhabi , Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar,
United Arab Emirates, Oman, Shajrah, Africa, Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia,
Libya, Mali, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria  Applications GRADE 400 / 500ThicknessWidthLength4200060005200060006200060006250060008200060008250060001020006000122000600015200060001620006000202000600025200060003220006000402000600050200060006018003400Send Online EnquiryBRAND OF AR 400 & AR 500 PLATES AVAILABLE WITH USBrandManufacture/CoHARDNESS RANGE Values for AR 400C.E.V. Typical ValuesThk:  10 – 20HARDOX 400SSAB370-4300.37QUARD 400DUFERCO370-4300.42JFE EVERHARD 360LEJFE STEEL CORPN.360-4300.38SUMIHARD K400SUMITOMO METALS400-4400.46ABRAZO 400TATA UK LTD.360-4300.43RAEX 400RUUKKI360-4300.43DILLIDUR 400VDILLINGER HUTTE370-4300.43XAR 400THYSSEN KRUPP370-4300.43BRINAR 400ILSENBURGER GROBBLECH360-4300.48FORA 400INDUSTEEL360-4300.48HARDPLAST 380ISD HUTA360-4300.56NICRODUR 400ACRONI360-4300.56CREUSABRO 4800INDUSTEEL360-4300.48WELHARD 400NSC/JAPAN400-4400.46BIS Plate 320Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd320-3600.40BIS Plate 400Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd370-4300.40BIS Plate 450Bisalloy Steels Pty Ltd425-4750.48Rockstar 400Essar Steel India Ltd.370-4300.45Rockstar 450Essar Steel India Ltd.425-4750.52Rockstar 500Essar Steel India Ltd.450-5400.60Abrex 400NSSMC360-4400.40Abrex 450NSSMC410-4900.50Abrex 500NSSMC450-5500.55Abrex 600NSSMC550-6500.73Send Online EnquiryFabrication of Abrasion Resistant Steel : Welding : Abrazo 400 can be welded under normal conditions (if you require advice on welding, machining or  forming then please contact any one of our offices) using MMA, MOG and SAW without preheat, up to a combined thickness of 60mm, provided hydrogen controlled electrodes are used.  Consumables should be dried in accordance with scale ‘D’ of BS 5135.  Consumables should be chosen on the basis of whether or not the weld metal is exposed to wear conditions.Machining : Machining or drilling is more difficult due to hardness.  For 400BHN use high-grade cobalt HSS E drilling tools and for 500BHN hard metal drilling tools are necessary.   Forming : Abrasion steels can be readily cold formed.  Compared with steels of lower yields, three factors should be considered:Higher press forcesA greater bend radius is requiredSpring back.Flame Cutting : Material can be cut using conventional flame cutting practices without the need for preheat at ambient temperature.  The following cutting parameters are recommended:-PlateThickness(mm)NozzleSize(LPN mm)Cutting O2(Lb.in2)Heating O2(Lb.in2)Heatingpropane(Lb.in2)Cuttingspeed(mm/min)  CEVmax%12.510-25454018450 0.40 15.010-25504010490 0.40 25.025-40604020400 0.52 40.0 40-60 70 40 10 310 0.52 50.0 40-60 75 4010 300 0.57 65-80 60-100 71 31 13 239 0.57 Milling : Abrasion resistant steel can be machined by milling. The following recommendations are given for general guidance:-Steel GradeCutting Speed (mm/min)Feed (mm/tooth)Abrazo 400*1000.10-0.15* For further information on 450, 500 please contact us for details.Cold Bending : Where possible, cold bending should be carried out with the bend axis perpendicular to the rolling direction, this being the less onerous of the two directions. The following table contains guidelines for bending to a 90°angle.  In general however, bending radii should be as generous as possible.Bending direction (bend axis)Minimum insideBending radiusMinimum dieopeningPerpendicular to rolling direction3t8.5tParallel to rolling direction4t10tDownload PDFFile NameAbrazo 400BRINAR400CR4800FORA 400HARDOX_400_datablad_EnJFE EverhardNicrodur 400Quard 400RAEX 400XAR 400BIS Plate 320BIS Plate 400BIS Plate 450BIS Plate 500Rockstar 400Rockstar 450Rockstar 500ABREX E-Catalogue
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