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Aluminized Steel For Bakery

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Metal Vision is one of the aluminized steel suppliers in india by providing their best servicesAluminized Steel is know by various names such as Alu Si Steel, Aluminium coated Steel, Alu Steel, Hot Dipped Aluminized Steel,Alcosta etcWhat does aluminised mean?Aluminizing can be defined as thermo-chemical diffusion process which can be applied to carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steels; nickel-based alloys; and nickel-iron alloys to enhance oxidation and corrosion resistance.Is aluminised steel safe? /Aluminized steel bakeware safety.Aluminized steel astm a463 is very commonly used for Baking application since last 15 years. Due to various advantages, aluminized steel found its perfect acceptance in the Baking industry. When the Oven walls and the baking tray are made of Aluminized Steel. Following are the benefits. The aluminized steel walls of the Oven would arrest the heat inside the chamber, the external surface of the Over would not be hot and would be safety of aluminized steel in bakeware for people using the oven. Consistent heating would be achieved without any radiation and would lead to quick heating. Therefore, aluminized steel safe for bakingAluminized steel food safety:Aluminized steel alloy is approved by us FDA norms as food grade which mean food and food products can be brought in direct contact with aluminized steel without any harmful reactions unlike galvanized. The aluminized coating consists of aluminum, silicon and iron. Tests conducted by governments in JAPAN and US , under the Food Sanitation Law and FDA, have proved that even if these elements enter the human body, they are harmless and will be completely discharged. Aluminized steel pan safety:Aluminized steel is having a non stick feature that helps in excellent dough release. Due to non stick feature of aluminized steel baking is possible with low oil/ fat input. In typical bread baking application oiling of pan was required, but in aluminized steel oiling of pan can be avoided hence reducing time and cost.Aluminized steel application:Industrial ovensDrying ovensBakewarePopcornOil pansToastersAluminized steel vs galvanized steel:Galvanized metal should not be used for utensils or food contact SURFACES of EQUIPMENT that are used in contact with acidic food.According to FSSAI, No iron or galvanized iron shall come in contact with food products.Galvanized metal containers are not considered safe for cooking or storage of food. The galvanizing process creates a coating to the metal that prohibits rust. This coating contains zinc, which is toxic when consumed. Cooking utensils and storage containers are commonly not made of galvanized steel.On heating a galvanized metal container or utensil, the surface releases zinc fumes. These fumes are absorbed in the food and eventually lead to hazardous fumes entering human body.Unfortunately in India‚Äôs vast and unorganized bakery industry using Galvanized baking trays are one of the most commonly used raw material.In retail stores, galvanized steel trays are commonly seen for food products like sweets, snacks, fast food, etc.
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