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Greetings from LEO Engineering Services.

We deal (rent, sales and after-sales service) in all kinds of pumps for various industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Food & Agriculture, Sewerage, Directional Drilling, Piling, Civil Construction, Electra-mechanical works, Facility Management, etc and for different applications such as Benton slurry, Sludge, Bilge, sandy sea-water, sewage, ground water, treated sewage effluent, storm water, chilled water, sweet water (ponds, lakes & rivers), etc.

We also sell all the accessories associated with the Pump industry such as suction hoses, discharge hoses, fittings, customized fittings, etc.

I will give you a brief overview of our company with regards to pumps, accessories and related services.

Rental, Trading & After-Sales Service

A.) Pumps

We sell and lease out different types of pumps for various applications such as De-watering, Benton, Ballasting, Pond & Tank Cleaning, Sewage pumping, Sea-water pumping, etc. Our pumps range in sizes from 1" to 19" with flows of up to 2700 cub./hr.
- We sell several types of submersible drainage pumps, submersible sludge pumps, bore-well pumps, self-priming centrifugal pumps, vacuum-assisted DE watering pumps, sewage pumps, sea-water pumps, booster pumps and also customized axial-flow floating pumps as per client's requirements.

We have recently associated with Cornell Pumps from USA which is an industry leader for their niche market range of long-lasting pumps designed for the most tough pumping conditions.

Besides dealing with reputed and registered European products, we also manufacture our own brand (LEO PUMPS) of High-Flow-High-Head pumps for flushing jobs; hydro-testing works; tank filling works; booster/transfer pumping, etc. We use long-lasting and durable engines from reputed manufacturers such as Volvo, Deutz, VM Motoric, Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland, etc.

B.) Accessories

 We sell all the spares and accessories for pumps and related services, such as Rubber Suction Hoses, collapsible discharge hoses, Lay-Flat Hoses, metal Pipes, clips, bends, Strainers, sedimentation tanks, etc.

C.) After-sales Service; Repairs & Maintenance contracts; Customized Fabrications

- We undertake service contracts of different types of pumps for various clients and contractors in the UAE. We also make customized manifolds; floats; and several flanges to suit the client's requirements.

Please note that we work with several European brands, directly from their factory through our registered procurement office in Portugal. We deal with Varisco (Italy), Cornell Pumps (USA), Grindex (Sweden), Pumpex (Sweden), HCP (Taiwan), Cidat (Rubber suction hoses, Italy), Ponaflex (Lay-flat hoses, Korea),VM Motori (Engines, Italy), ABS sewage pumps (Germany), Deutz (Engines, Germany), Hydrostal Immersible Pumps(UK)etc.

The various applications where our pumps can be employed are;

1.) Flushing Pipelines (chemical cleaning)

2.) Storage Tank Filling

3.) Hydro-testing of Pressure Vessels

4.) Dewatering of barges, rigs, etc

5.) By-pass Sewage Pumping (raw sewage, treated effluent, etc.)

6.) Sea-water pumping for Ballasting of vessels, Transfer of sea-water, land reclamation works, jetty construction, etc.

7.) Ground water pumping.

8.) Bentonite pumping to re-use for drilling applications.

9.) Chilled-water line by-pass pumping.

10.) Transfer pumping of oils, fuels, and certain chemicals.

11.) Slurry water, Sludge waters and bilge pumping

12.) Dredging applications


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