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Products / Services : 2Machine.Com, the leading international machinery trading platform in China.

Weve been sourcing heavy machinery from China for years. We can found cheaper and good quality machines as well as reliable, trustful partners here, but sometimes we also have to admit that some brokers in China do business in some indecent way and make the business harder for anyone. And thats why we came up the idea to build up a machinery trading platform, and try our best to verify the qualified and trustful suppliers.

And meanwhile we buy & sell machines that we have direct control of, that means either we already have the rights to buy and sell, or the owner or end customer consigns us to buy and sell exclusively. We send professional mechanics to make sure the machine is in the exact situation the owner says and help our clients in any step of logistics, payment, freight, contracting, customs.

More details, please go to or send us email to
Our category of machines that we are recently selling is on the home page, dealer recommended selection, 2Machine.Com, or you can simply click here


Your Bridge 2 Machine!
Contact :  Jack
Address :  Shanghai China
Sharjah United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  0971 2347123
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