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Established in 2002 Al Sad Importing & Trading Est, is an Abu Dhabi based supplier of products & services to bring in state of the art and environment friendly technology and solutions at the door step of clients. AL SAD is certified to international standards for Quality & HSE by TUV. We also have technology driven partners who offer products & services of international standards to meet various project engineering standards. Over the past decade we have been proved as a trusted supplier & service provider to various ADNOC group companies and EPC contractors in UAE. 

ESAB Welding Consumables

ESAB Welding Electrodes, ESAB Welding Machine, Welding Guns, ESAB Arc Welding Equipment, ESAB Plasma Cutting Equipment,  ESAB Cutting Machine, Buddy Arc 200, Buddy Mig 500i CVCC, Buddy Mig 500i, Buddy Feed 404, Welding Cable,  Mig Gun, ESAB PUG NM Cutting Machine.

Chosun Welding Electrodes, Welding Consumables 

Valves & Fittings

GWC Valves, ISV Valves, Master Valves, Oliver Valves, Alco Valves, 3D Valves

Cast & Forged Valves, Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Plug Valve, Non Return Valve,  Valves Size  ¼” to 24”, CS Valve, SS Valves, LTCS Valves, Duplex Valves, Super Duplex Valves.   

Instrumentation Valves, (Ball, Needle, Check Valves), Instrumentation Valve  Sizes up to 1” and Pressure Rating 3000 to 10000 psi. 


“Y” Type Strainers Size from ½” to 12” up to 800# Pressure rating, Basket Strainer, Duplex Strainer, T Strainer, Succession Diffusers,

Drain All Condensate Traps, 

Condensate Handler, Rust Handler, Oil Handler, Pressure Handler, Corrosion Handler, Temperature Handler, Volume Handler, Vacuum Handler

Wrapping & Coating

Pipe Coating, Pipe Wrap, Wrapping Tapes, Cold Insulation material & accessories, Composite Pipeline Repair, Online Leak Repair, Pipeline Reinforcement, Cold Welding, Subsea Pipeline Repair, Cold Wrapping Tape, Cold Welding. Syntho Glass, Fiberglass Water Activated Composite Solution, fiberglass pre-impregnated composite, Water activated wrapping Tape

Corrosion protection of Pipelines, Riser Repair, Composite Structure Repair

Thermo-Wrap  Inspectable - Inspectable Composite Pipeline Reinforcement / Repair System,

Syntho Glass XT, Repair & Reinforcement System for Pipeline

Syntho Glass UV, UV & impact protection wrapping system for pipelines & coatings

Pipeline Leak Repair Kits, Syntho-Glass Under Pressure Repair Kit. Leak Repair Kit for emergency repair of PVC, GRE, Metal, SS, CS pipes for Water, Oil & Drainage pipes.

       Acid Shield, Steel Wrap, Syntho Coat, Syntho Support, Scar Guard 

Acid Shield Repair System for Chemical Services, Acid Shield Composite Repair System for up to 98% sulfuric acid lines, Acid & Chemical Pipeline Repair, Flare line Repair, blow down lines, and chemical processing lines

The Steel-Wrap E, Composite repair system Pipeline Repair, Corrosion Repair of Pipeline & Structures.

Syntho Coat Pipeline Coating, Syntho Coat Reinforcing Coating for Corrosion Protection, UV Protection Coating for Pipeline, Soil to Air Interface Corrosion Protection Coating, Tank Corrosion Protective Coating.

SS  Syntho Support, wrapping system for pipe support areas, corrosion, abrasion & vibration protection of pipe support areas at plants.

Scar Guard - Corrosion & High strength Impact protection of pipelines & coatings for HDD, boring,  sacrificial external coating to protect pipe & coatings

Composite Clamp - Online Pipe leak sealing clamp for up to 10” to 24” dia., Light Weight Quick Repair Leak Sealing Clamp, Emergency Repair Clamp for Pipeline.

 Epoxies & Putties

Steel Putty, Under Water Putty, Copper Putty, Aluminium Putty, Concrete Putty, Wood Putty, Putty for Powder Coating applications. 

Stickmate Epoxy Repair Putty for Steel, Underwater.

Thermo Fill  High Temperature  putty (for up to  260oC temperature), 

Syntho Steel Putty, Steel Reinforced epoxy putty, 

High Temperature Putty for applications up to 535oC.

SLIC Shoes, SLIC Safety Shoes, SLIC Executive Shoes, SLIC ARAMCO Footwear, SLIC Formal Shoes, Electrical Safety Shoes, Foundry Shoes, Chukka Boot, Caster Boot, Electric Footwear, Workwear Shoes for Hazardous Areas.

Electrical Lights & Fittings

Rexton, Pierlite, Schneider Electric, Clipsal, Opti-Myst 

Commercial & Industrial Ventilations, Fans, Industrial Ceiling Mounted Fans, Exhaust fan, Water Heaters, 

Lighting: Tubes, Weather Proof Battens, LED Panel Lights, Flood Lights, LED Street Lights, CFL, LED Tubes, 

Security System: Video Door Entry System, Motion Sensors, 

Cable Management: GI Boxes, Data Cabinets, Flexible Conduits, Rigid Conduits, Terminal Boxes, Bends, Couplings, Cable Trunkings, Power Accessories: Cable Reels, Extension Sockets, Multi Adaptors, Industrial Plugs & Sockets

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Mathew Thomas

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