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Champion Filters Manufacture more than 100 unique Filters, Strainers, Polyurethane Screens for all Industrial Applications.

Our Product range includes 

Automatic Self Cleaning Filters, 

Automatic Backwash Filters, 

Cartridge Filters, 

Simplex/Duplex Filters,

 Wedge Wire Screens,

 Notch Wire Screens 

Inline Strainers

Inline Basket Filters

Return Line Filters

Duplex Filters

High Pressure Duplex Strainers

High Flow Capacity Duplex Filters

Self Cleaning Filters

Sulphur Filter

Automatic Suction Water Strainers

Automatic Coolant Filters

Automatic Sand Filters

Oil Bath Filters

Lubricating Oil Filters

Filter Cartridges

Notch wire filter

Micron Filters

Y Strainers

Cone Strainers

Fish Tails

Filter Elements

Air Filters

Oil & Gas Industry

Filters for Oil fields

Filters for Completion Fluids

Strainers for Gravel Pack Fluids

Water Flood / Injection Filters

Self Cleaning Sea Water Filters

Produced water strainers

Filters for pipe line flushing

Shale Shaker Screens

Hydro test water strainers

High Pressure Well Head Filters

Industrial Water Filtration

Automatic Backwash Strainers

Continuous Backwash Filters

Automatic Backwash Filter

Back flush Strainer

Valveless Automatic Gravity Filters

Simplex Water Filters for Ship Building

Paper and Pulp Mills

White Water Filter

Wood Chips Screen

Chips Screen

Pressure Screens

Top Separators,

Cooker Screens,

Side Plate Extractors

Sieve Screens

High & Low Consistency Screens

Centrifuge Pulp Screens

Black Liquor Filter Screen


Dewatering Screens

Wedge Wire Screens

Polyurethane Liners

Polyurethane Screens

Sieve Bends

Food & Beverages

Filters in Sanitary Design

Plastic Filters & Strainers

PP CPVC PVC Filters Strainers

for corrosive fluids

Material Handling Division

Idlers & Pulleys

Heat Transfer Equipments

Coolers & Condensers


Urethane Products

Sheets, Rollers, Wheels, Scraper,

Pads, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Rubber Parts

Rubber rings, washers, balls,
Rubber gaskets in nbr, neoprene epdm and other grades

Filter Media

Wedge Wire Screens

Woven Wire Screens

Vibratory Screens,

Piano Screens

Flip Flow Screens

Pumps Division

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Our Management Team

Rajasekar Rao - Sr. Manger (Global Business)

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