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Silica gel orange

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Silica Gels are glassy beads which have color indicators to indicate the moisture adsorption level and turn Orange to Green in color as they take in moisture. Silica Gel Orange is a heavy metal free, environmental-friendly humidity indicator for protection of goods and miscellaneous substances. Silica gel Orange is an alumina-silicate gel in the form of hard spherical beads, with a very high resistance to crushing and a low attrition rate with high mechanical integrity. 
In this type all the particles of "Silica Gel are impregnated with an organic indicator", which is rates as completely safe. When free from moisture the particles are dark orange. As they are put to use, the particles take up moisture, Silica Gel gradually turns Orange-Yellow & then to green and gives a ready indication that it has done or it’s saturated. Its work and requires replacement or regeneration.

In the form of  Spherical or irregularly shaped grains, the gel is currently presented  in Orange ,  the product  perform all the functions and does not contain Cobalt chloride and is therefore innocuous and pollution-free, and its color varies as humidity changes.
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