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MD Totco Equivalent Spare Parts

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Martin Decker® (MD TOTCO® Div of VARCO®) equivalent spare parts- Mud Flow Fill, Mud Volume Totalizers, Pit Level Probes, Mud flow Sensors, Flow sensor Assemblies, Flow Paddles, SPM sensors and RPM sensors
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    Mud Vol ume To talizer - 80ZA101V (Equiva lent to M-D MVC101A)
    The Mud Vol ume To talizer moni tors the level of
    drill ing mud in each meas ured mud tank. It to tal izes
    the vol ume of mud in any two or more tanks up to a
    to tal of six tanks as de ter mined by the mud tank se lect
    switches. Two 5 1/2" ana log me ters dis play to tal mud
    vol ume and mud vol ume Gain/Loss of the se lected
    mud tanks. The gain/loss me ter has ad just able HI and
    LOW alarms. When ei ther of these alarms are
    ex ceeded, a vis ual in di ca tor on the to talizer is
    ac tu ated. Ex ter nal vis ual and audi ble alarms can also
    be ac tu ated.
    The to talizer can drive two chan nels of a re corder,
    one chan nel is to tal mud vol ume and the other is mud
    vol ume gain/loss.
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