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Temperature Sensor

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The Wireless Temperature Sensor uses a type NTC thermistor to measure temperature.

Principle of Operation:
The Wireless Temperature Sensor outputs the ambient temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. It is programmed to sleep for a user-given time interval (heartbeat) and then wakeup, send power to the NTC Thermistor and wait for it to stabilize, and convert the analog data, mathematically compute the temperature and transmit the data to the gateway. To stay within the abilities of the processor, the temperature is computed off a data table provided by the manufacturer. To reduce error, a variable resistor configuration is implemented over specified temperature ranges.
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Wireless Range: 250 - 300 ft. (non-line-of-sight / indoors through walls, ceilings & floors) *
RF Communication: 900, 920, 868 and 433 MHz
Power: Replaceable batteries (optimized for long battery life, line-power and solar (Industrial only) options are available) 
 *   Actual range may vary depending on environment. (Wi-Fi sensor typical range up to 100 ft.)
**  Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.