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pavement marking tape

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Road marker tape, also known as pavement marking tape or road marking tape, is a specialized adhesive strip used for marking and delineating roads, pavements, and various surfaces. Typically made of durable materials like reflective vinyl, thermoplastic, or other high-visibility materials, road marker tape is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide long-lasting visibility, even during adverse weather or low-light conditions. The tape comes in various colors, with white and yellow being the most common for marking lanes and dividing traffic flow. It is applied to the road surface to create clear and distinct lines, guiding motorists and pedestrians, and improving overall road safety. 

Road marker tape is commonly used in road construction, maintenance projects, parking lots, and traffic control areas, effectively communicating traffic rules and guiding navigation. Its reflective properties enhance visibility at night, increasing road safety by alerting drivers to lane boundaries and potential hazards. Road marker tape is an essential tool in traffic management, ensuring orderly and secure movement on roads and other paved surfaces.

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