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A hard broom is a type of broom that is designed with stiff and durable bristles, typically made of materials like synthetic fibers, nylon, or stiff natural fibers. Hard brooms are specifically intended for tough cleaning tasks that require more aggressive scrubbing or sweeping action. They are commonly used for outdoor cleaning, such as sweeping large debris, dirt, or leaves from sidewalks, driveways, and other hard surfaces. The stiff bristles of a hard broom allow for effective removal of stubborn dirt and grime. They are also useful for sweeping rough surfaces, like concrete or asphalt, where a softer broom may not be effective. Hard brooms often come with sturdy handles, typically made of wood or metal, to provide leverage and stability during use. With their durable construction and stiff bristles, hard brooms are reliable tools for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning of tough surfaces.

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