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A rescue tube is a flotation device used in water rescue situations to aid in the rescue and support of individuals in distress. It is typically made of durable materials, such as foam or rubber, and is designed to provide buoyancy and stability in the water. 

Rescue tubes are often shaped like a long cylindrical tube or horseshoe, with handles or straps attached for easier gripping and control. They are commonly used by lifeguards, water safety personnel, and first responders during water rescue operations. A rescue tube can be thrown to a person in the water to provide them with flotation support and assist in keeping their head above water until further assistance arrives. It can also be used to secure and tow individuals to safety or to form a floating barrier or platform for multiple people. Rescue tubes are an essential tool in water rescue scenarios, as they can provide vital support and increase the chances of a successful rescue operation. They are designed to be highly visible, durable, and easy to use, ensuring the safety of both rescuers and those in need of assistance in aquatic environments.

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