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A convex mirror, also known as a diverging mirror, is a curved mirror with a reflective surface that bulges outward. Unlike concave mirrors that converge light, convex mirrors cause light rays to diverge or spread out. This results in several unique characteristics and applications.

The curved surface of a convex mirror is such that the center of the mirror bulges out more than the edges, giving it a wider field of view. As a result, convex mirrors are commonly used in settings where a broad perspective is necessary, such as in security and surveillance systems, parking lots, and retail stores. They provide a panoramic view and allow for better observation of a larger area.

One of the main characteristics of convex mirrors is that they produce virtual images. Virtual images are formed by the apparent intersection of diverging light rays, giving the impression that the light is coming from behind the mirror. These images appear smaller and upright compared to the original object. This property makes convex mirrors useful in rearview mirrors of vehicles, where they help drivers see a wider field of view and objects that are closer than they appear.

Convex mirrors also have the ability to reflect light uniformly, eliminating any distortion or aberrations in the image. However, they sacrifice image magnification for this advantage, resulting in smaller and less detailed images compared to concave mirrors.

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