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A metatarsal guard, also known as metatarsal protection or metatarsal safety, is a specialized safety device used to protect the metatarsal bones in the foot. 

Metatarsal guards are commonly used in conjunction with safety footwear, such as steel-toe boots or shoes with additional protective features. The primary purpose of the metatarsal guard is to provide an extra layer of protection over the metatarsal bones, guarding them against falling objects, heavy machinery, rolling equipment, and other potential hazards.

The metatarsal guard is typically made from durable materials, such as steel, aluminum, or composite materials, which can withstand high levels of impact force. Some metatarsal guards are designed to be hinged or flexible, allowing ease of movement while providing continuous protection.

Workers in industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and heavy machinery operations often wear safety footwear with metatarsal guards to comply with safety regulations and reduce the risk of foot injuries. These guards are especially crucial in environments where the risk of metatarsal injuries is high, as they can help prevent fractures, crush injuries, and other severe foot damage, enhancing workplace safety and minimizing the impact of potential accidents.
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