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A compactor is a heavy-duty construction machine designed to increase soil, gravel, or asphalt density by applying repetitive impacts or vibrations to the surface. Its primary purpose is to reduce air voids within the material, resulting in improved stability, load-bearing capacity, and resistance to settlement. Compactors come in various forms, including plate compactors, roller compactors, and vibrating compactors.

Plate compactors feature a large vibrating plate that is moved across the surface to compact the material effectively. Roller compactors, on the other hand, utilize heavy drums to compress the soil or asphalt as they roll over it. Vibrating compactors use high-frequency vibrations to consolidate the material.

Compactors are widely used in road construction, building foundations, landscaping, and other projects where achieving a stable and strong foundation is crucial. They play a significant role in preparing surfaces before the application of asphalt or concrete, reducing the risk of future damages and increasing the overall quality and longevity of the construction project.

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