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A rock breaker, also known as a hydraulic hammer or demolition hammer, is a powerful and specialized construction machine used for breaking or demolishing hard materials such as rocks, concrete, and asphalt. It is commonly mounted on excavators or other heavy machinery, making it highly effective for various demolition and construction tasks.

The rock breaker works by utilizing hydraulic power to deliver intense blows to the surface it is applied to. The machine features a chisel or moil point at the end of a long piston, which rapidly strikes the target material with great force. This impact breaks the material into smaller pieces, making it easier to remove or clear the area.

Rock breakers are commonly used in construction and mining industries for tasks like breaking rock formations, removing concrete structures, trenching, and excavating. They provide a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional methods like manual drilling or using explosives.

Due to their power and versatility, rock breakers significantly reduce labor and time required for demolition and construction projects, while also increasing safety by keeping workers at a safer distance from hazardous areas. Their ability to tackle hard materials makes them invaluable tools for projects involving rock excavation, foundation work, road construction, and other heavy-duty tasks.

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