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Canasafe Lion Fire Suit

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Canasafe Lion Fire Suit PBI X55
A fire suit, also known as a firefighter suit or bunker gear, is a specialized protective garment designed to safeguard firefighters during firefighting and rescue operations. These suits are constructed from advanced heat-resistant materials, including multiple layers of fire-retardant fabrics and moisture barriers. The primary goal of a fire suit is to shield firefighters from intense heat, flames, and potential steam burns. The outer layer is typically made of flame-resistant material to prevent ignition and provide thermal insulation. 

The suit also features reflective strips to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Also the fire suits include a helmet, gloves, and boots that are heat-resistant and provide additional protection. Firefighters rely on these suits to perform their duties safely and effectively, enabling them to enter hazardous environments with confidence while reducing the risk of injury or burns.

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