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Spill Kits Supplier in UAE

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Spill Kit is a compilation of absorbent materials, cleaners, and chemical neutralizers is used to contain accidental spills or chemically aggressive spills which may be used to eliminate spills in an industry or any related work place.

Our full range of Maintenance spill kits, Emergency and oil pollution minimizing spill kit, oil only spill kits, Oil chemical universal absorbent spill eliminating kit, Water absorbent socks containment laboratory chemical bio-hazard spill kit, Oil absorbent bio-hazard control universal spill kit, Prohibition water absorbing polypropylene melt blown chemical oil spill kit, wheelie bin emergency oil spill kits.

Portable general purpose universal spill control kit, Spill control chemical absorbent kit, Safety ecological emergency spill kit, Customization high capacity oil and chemical spill kit and hazmat spill kits are help you to clean most of spill easily and quickly. Our spill kit range includes bag spill kits, truck spill kits, mobile spill kits, Over pack spill kits, Enpac spill kits, Tanker spill kits and Refill for Spill Kits.

Spill kits contain a range of absorbents which can be used for acid and alkaline containment and safety accessories that allow operators to quick contain and clean up spills and are available in a many range of sizes and types. Ensure your spill kit on hand is fit for purpose to help minimize risk.

Our range of spill kits has been designed to deal effectively and rapidly with any spills. Sorbents mean sponges that are placed on the surface of the spillage affected area. These sorbents suck and absorb the spilled liquids from the surface leading to a spill cleanup.

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