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SOLAS Life Raft

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A life raft is a crucial life-saving device designed to provide emergency evacuation and survival for individuals facing dangerous situations at sea or over water. This portable and inflatable buoyant raft is constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding harsh marine conditions. Life rafts can be manually or automatically inflated upon deployment or contact with water. They come in various sizes, accommodating a specific number of people depending on the model. Equipped with essential safety equipment, such as life jackets, flares, signaling devices, and survival kits, life rafts ensure the occupants have the necessary supplies for survival until rescue arrives. With stable design and multiple air chambers, they offer buoyancy and stability in the water, even if one chamber is punctured. 

Mandatory on commercial ships, aircraft, and other vessels, life rafts serve as a critical last resort for evacuation during emergencies like sinking, fire, or severe damage. Regular maintenance, inspections, and crew training are paramount to ensure the life raft's readiness and dependability in critical situations.

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