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Emergency Spill Kit

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An emergency spill kit is a specialized collection of tools and materials designed to handle and contain hazardous spills quickly and effectively. These kits are crucial for industries that deal with potentially dangerous substances, such as chemicals, oils, or other hazardous materials, to minimize environmental impact and protect the health and safety of personnel.

This Spill kit is handy and ideal for fuel tankers, workshop and mobile use. Easy to store under or behind the seat of a vehicle. Kit container protects the sorbents so they are ready to use whenever it's needed. Sorbent Pads 15`` X 19`` , Sorbent Booms (Socks) 3`` X 4 Ft. Long , Safety Goggles , Nitrile Gloves , Disposable Bag with tie. Wide range of absorbents, oil selective spill kits, chemical spill kits & Maintenance spill kits allow you to respond all eventualities. 

Our spill kits range includes bag spill kits, truck spill kits, mobile spill kits, Overpack spill kits, tanker spill kits and refill kits. Choose spill kit in accordance with the fluid that is used in your workplace.Proper training on spill response and handling procedures is essential for personnel who may use the emergency spill kit. Regular maintenance and restocking of the kit are crucial to ensure that it is always ready for immediate use. By having a well-prepared emergency spill kit on hand, companies can minimize the potential environmental and safety risks posed by hazardous material spills.

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