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A fix coupler, also known as a fixed coupler or scaffold coupler, is a component used in scaffolding systems to connect two scaffold tubes or pipes at a fixed angle. It provides a secure and rigid connection between the tubes, ensuring the stability and safety of the scaffold structure.

Fix couplers are typically used when two scaffold tubes need to be joined in a straight line, creating horizontal or vertical runs. They are available in various sizes to fit different diameter scaffold tubes, and they come in different designs, such as single-clamp or double-clamp configurations.

The fix coupler has two main parts: the body and the clamps. The body is the central portion that connects to the scaffold tubes, and the clamps, usually two on each side, hold the tubes firmly in place. These clamps are tightened using nuts and bolts or quick-release levers, depending on the design, to create a secure and stable connection.

Properly installed fix couplers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and strength of the scaffold structure, ensuring the safety of workers and the efficiency of construction or maintenance tasks performed at elevated heights.
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