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A pipe vice, also known as a pipe vise or pipe clamp, is a specialized tool designed to securely hold and grip pipes or cylindrical objects during various plumbing, construction, or metalworking tasks. It is used to stabilize pipes, allowing for precise cutting, threading, shaping, or assembly.

The pipe vice typically consists of two jaws that can be tightened or released using a threaded mechanism or a quick-release lever. The jaws are designed to grip the pipe firmly without damaging or distorting its surface. Some pipe vices have replaceable jaw inserts or pads made of materials like rubber or plastic to provide additional grip and prevent marring.

The pipe vice is commonly attached to a workbench, a stand, or mounted onto a tripod for stability and ease of use. It allows the user to securely hold the pipe in place, leaving both hands free to perform the necessary tasks.

Pipe vices come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different pipe diameters and materials. They are typically made of robust materials such as cast iron or steel to withstand the forces exerted during clamping and manipulation.

Pipe vices are essential tools for professionals in plumbing, pipefitting, and metalworking industries. They provide a secure and stable platform for working with pipes, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and safety during pipe-related tasks.
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