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An anvil is a heavy and sturdy metal tool used in metalworking, blacksmithing, and other related trades. It typically consists of a large block or plate of hardened steel with a flat top surface and various rounded or square-shaped horns and edges. Anvils are designed to provide a solid and stable surface for shaping, forging, and manipulating metal materials.

The flat top surface, known as the face, is used for hammering and shaping metal workpieces. The horns or rounded edges are used for bending or curving metal, while the square edges are used for cutting or forming sharp angles. Anvils may also have various depressions or holes, called hardy holes or pritchel holes, for holding and supporting specialized tools or attachments.

Anvils come in different sizes and weights, ranging from small portable anvils to large stationary ones. They are typically mounted on a sturdy base or stand to provide stability during use.

Anvils are essential tools in metalworking, providing a reliable surface for shaping and forming metal through the application of heat and force. They have been used for centuries by blacksmiths, metalworkers, and artisans to create a wide range of objects, from tools and weapons to decorative pieces.

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