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A timber bolt, also known as a structural timber bolt or coach bolt, is a type of fastener designed specifically for joining and securing timber or wood components together. Timber bolts are typically used in construction, woodworking, and structural applications where a strong and reliable connection is required.

Timber bolts feature a threaded shaft with a domed or rounded head, similar to a carriage bolt. The head is often square or hexagonal to allow for easy installation with a wrench or socket. The shaft of the timber bolt is fully threaded, providing a consistent grip throughout the length of the bolt. To install a timber bolt, a hole is drilled through the timber or wood components being fastened. The bolt is then inserted into the hole, and a washer and nut are added to secure the connection. The tightening of the nut creates clamping force, pulling the components together and ensuring a tight and secure joint.

Timber bolts are commonly made of steel or stainless steel to provide strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. They are available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different timber thicknesses and load requirements.

Timber bolts are widely used in applications such as timber framing, heavy-duty construction, bridge construction, and structural timber connections. They provide a reliable and sturdy connection, allowing for the secure and long-lasting assembly of timber structures. Proper installation and tightening torque are essential to achieving a secure and stable joint when using timber bolts.
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