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Product Description

Electrical steering column assembly, which is the product of Shandong Xianhe Automobile Steering Co.,ltd., is a kind of electric power steering of automobile (EPS), suitable for mini- vehicle and light vehicle. It is shaft assist electrical steering(C-EPS).It consists of ECU, torque (angle)sensor, DC motor(with electromagnetic clutch), speed reduction, steering drive shaft, and mechanical steering. In C-EPS,torque (angle)sensor, DC motor, speed reduction and steering drive shaft are integrate;only ECU and mechanical steering are individuals; drive shaft are connected with input shaft of mechanical steering; ECU, torque sensor and DC motor are connected with wire bundle.This is one of the  simplest structure of electrical steering. C-EPS can be wholly installed in the car. The steering system get safer, it can easily instead the original hydraulic device,especially for small vehicles.This product at a low price, it does not need heat insulation and waterproofing,and it has many advantages. The column tube length and the shape and position bracket can be changed according to different vehicles, it is very flexible,and there is no influence on crash proofing.

With different speed and corners,the shaft assist electrical steering(C-EPS) can make the CPU to supply suitable control current according to torque signal of the sensor,and speed signal of the dashboard,in order to get different power and damping,and get optimal effect.The EPS technique can solve the floatation at the time of high speed and the sway at the time of steering return-to-straight. It increases hand power by reducing the power and increasing damping with high speed,so the steering wheel be felt heavy. The sway problem is greatly reduced by the damping control. It is more steady when driving.

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The column-type electric power steering assembly can match the vehicle type:

Cars, vans, sightseeing vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, patrol vehicles, mobile police office vehicles, etc.

The recirculating ball electric power steering assembly can match the vehicle type:

Pickup trucks, light trucks, minibuses, forklifts, road sweepers, airport cleaning tractors, etc.

The gear-type electric power steering assembly can match the vehicle type:

Airport equipment, forklifts, vans, etc.

Vehicle types that can be matched with the mine explosion-proof recirculating ball electric power steering assembly:

The steering gear is mainly used for mining vehicles such as explosion-proof diesel locomotives and explosion-proof electric locomotives.

If you have a need for electric power steering, please contact us. We will recommend an electric power steering suitable for your vehicle within 24 hours according to the actual situation of your vehicle.

  • Product Details
  • Brand :
  • Place of Origin : China
  • FOB Price : USD 550
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 20 pieces
  • Supply Ability :
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Detail :
    Inner packaging: five-layer corrugated carton and foam packaging.
    Outer packaging: wrapping film, packing tape and tray
  • Delivery Detail :
    Products in stock, shipped within 3 days.
    Customized products within 30 days.
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