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ECOPHIT® RADIANT Cooling/Chilled Ceiling System Demonstrates Considerable energy Saving through First Application Project in Dubai

·      Project compares ECOPHIT® chilled ceiling system with typical fan coil solution in Middle East climate conditions

·      Demonstrates ECOPHIT® chilled ceiling/radiant cooling system is more energy efficient and enhances user comfort

·      A total reduction in energy of almost 40% p.a. was recorded over a test period of 14 months


Meitingen, November 26, 2014 - SGL Lindner, the provider of energy-efficient complete solutions for building temperature control, has revealed that the first application of its ECOPHIT® chilled ceiling technology in Dubai is currently providing practical proof that radiant cooling technology can be totally effective and environmentally friendly at desert ambient temperatures of 40 to 50°C.

This is being demonstrated in a pilot application of the system comprising two identical spaces with two different cooling systems in the Marina Plaza Office Tower in Dubai, UAE. One is a conventional air-conditioning system, the other an ECOPHIT® metal radiant ceiling. The project being carried out by Red Engineering clearly demonstrates that the ECOPHIT® radiant ceiling consumes far less electricity and so is more eco-friendly and economical at the same time. Over a 14-month period, a total reduction in energy use was recorded of almost 40%. Moreover, the ECOPHIT® system has the additional benefit that it is able to operate without creating drafts or disturbing noises, adding to overall user comfort.

Air conditioning is used extensively in buildings throughout the Middle East. Consequently, the high cooling demands met by conventional air-conditioning technology result in very high-energy consumption. Radiant Cooling technology is a more energy efficient alternative.

A radiant ceiling system is a type of low energy-higher inlet water temperature cooling system that uses radiant cooling to cool a building space. A radiant ceiling is a ‘drop-down’ ceiling comprising of water carrying pipes embedded in thin, conductive slabs and mounted on a metal or gypsum design ceiling plate. Using the ECOPHIT® technology, the conductive slabs are made from carbon delivering a very high level of thermal conductivity and control dynamics. This system cools the occupants in the room through radiation and natural convection using the chilled ceiling as a heat sink for the heat load in the building.

The radiant ceiling technology originated in Europe and is popular in different climates around the world. Key benefits of using radiant ceiling systems over conventional all-air systems include higher occupant comfort and lower energy, equipment and material costs.

Mohamed Alami, General Manager, SGL Lindner GmbH & Co. KG, explains: "The study used two areas similar in size and equipment. One was equipped with traditional fan coil units (FCUs) - one of the most common types of air conditioning technologies used in the Middle East - with traditional air supply. The other room was fitted with a combination of fresh air supply and our active ECOPHIT® ceiling system. Red Engineering reported on the research during 14 months and their conclusion is that we can reduce energy consumption by approximately 40% p.a.”

He adds: “Our target was to demonstrate that better comfort levels could be achieved through radiant cooling and heating technology. The report clearly demonstrates that this technology is able to provide a perfect solution for the Middle East region."

ECOPHIT® is an expanded natural graphite product and has been proven, in more temperate climates, to be highly suitable for radiant cooling. Using graphite-based material allows for a rapid and more even cooling across the entire room.

ECOPHIT® offers a complete solution for energy efficient temperature control in buildings. A natural product made from graphite, ECOPHIT® offers outstanding design freedom, cost effectiveness and maximum climate control for sustainable and modern new build and renovation projects. The performance of this outstanding and energy-efficient technology can be observed in numerous buildings in Europe and all over the world.

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