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Seismic oil exploration portable drilling rig

Seismic oil exploration portable drilling rig

Ready Stock

We just exported to Myanmar.

TSP-30 man portable drill rig is one new kind of portable drill rig with the advantages both from domestic and foreign throughout repeated tests, designed and produced through many tests. It is applicable to be used in farmland, river network, brush area and mountain such place where is not easy to collapse to do seismic prospecting, mine survey and geology investigation etc. drilling work. Its feature includes portable, functional and high efficiency.

9HP Diesel engine or 9HP gasoline engine provides power for drilling rig. Engine adopts stepless speed regulating method. So it is unnecessary to stop or start engine frequently during drilling. Good performance, high efficiency low labor intensity. Drilling rigs meet QHSE requirements.

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  • Place of Origin : China
  • FOB Price : On Request
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  • Supply Ability : Ready Stock
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  1. Main specifications
    1. Drilling method, depth and hole diameter

Drilling method

Drilling depth

Drilling hole diameter

Air hammer drilling


75mm, 90mm

(3”, 3.5”)

Air drilling

Mud drilling



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