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Contact :  Mr. CECIL SAMUEL

Tel No   :  00971 2 - 6737900 / 055-9659600

Email  :  sales@acecentro.com

Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) supplies dredging pumps
to oilfield contractors working at offshore installations. A full range of
electric and hydraulic driven submersible pumps cater to sand reclaiming,
mining, quarrying, waste pollution control, slurry pumping, tunneling,
bentonite pumping, lake and channel dredging projects.

Through its sales organization in the Arabian Gulf,
ACE also supplies various self-propelled dredgers with telescopic and ladder dredging
options to its clients in the Middle Eastern and African markets for canal
cleaning and deep sea dredging works at marinas, jetties, ports and offshore

Please contact us on +971 55 5180550 or sales@acecentro.com with your requirements and we will be glad to
provide you with an offer to suit your project.

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Offshore petro chemical installations are used to extract petroleum products from the bottom of the sea.

The problems:

Removal of sand and silt around the platform jacket area.

Working in a deep sea environment and at depths ranging till 120 m.

Our solutions:

ACE is a comprehensive solution provider when working with dredging pumps in high depth environments. The Dragflow HY35 - hydraulic dredging pump is fitted with a pressure compensator and coupled with 2 Nos. x EXHY20 hydraulic agitator cutters to execute the project. All equipment is driven through a diesel engine driven hydraulic power pack


·   Dragflow’s advanced pump design is focused mainly on the agitator, which enables the pumps to rise and convey liquids and mixtures with medium and high specific weight such as mud, slime, silt, sand and gravel.

·   Pumps can handle slurries having up to 1.7 specific gravity.

·   Low operating RPM facilitates low wear, thereby extending component life.

·   Temperature sensor embedded in the motor and Moisture sensor in the oil chamber, are the available options to protect the pump.

·   Best in class seal system pumps are equipped with a unique lip seal system with a front deflector to prevent fine materials from penetrating the seal and Teflon layers to resist high and low pH.

·   Incredible high precision in the machining of parts together with grease injection points, ensure long sealing system life.

·   Pump castings are 100% made in Italy with high quality materials and metallurgy offering long life of all components.

·   All wear parts are made in High Chrome Alloy to allow extended life between spare part changes.

·   Dragflow pumps have a solids handling capability ranging from 20 mm up to 120 mm (5 inch).

·   Flow rates up to 1300 m3/hr are possible.

·   Pumping distances of 1200 m are easily possible, while longer distances are executed with the use of booster pumps.

·   Dredging depths up to 300 m have been achieved for dam construction projects.

·   Electric pumps are available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions.


Excavator Cutter Agitators:

Hydraulic excavators are designed to facilitate the pump whilst working with very compact soil. These excavator cutters are able to increase solid production by increasing the concentration of the slurries and permit to execute dredging activities in the most difficult site conditions, because of the following features:

·   Cutting head is designed to reduce cost of wear parts thanks to interchangeable hard tooth.

·   The hydraulic motor is robust in design and guarantees strong torque and long working life.

·   Cutters are designed to work up to 250 m working depth.

High Pressure Water Jet Ring: The jet ring is used to loosen compact soil, hard clay and stir up dry molasses and debris settled at the bottom. This system consists of a jet ring frame, mounted on the pump’s intake filter, a high pressure centrifugal pump (available in electric and hydraulic versions), a suction hose with a water filter, non-return valve and a delivery line. Jet rings are also available to handle sea water and aggressive mining water.

Anti-Turbidity Bell: The anti-turbidity bell is an extremely useful tool to capture sediments and prevent water turbidity. It prevents harming the marine ecosystem in the surrounding waters whilst dredging.


Dragflow is a world leader in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty dredge pumps and complete dredging equipment. Dragflow is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining and industrial sectors and is capable of satisfying the most demanding site requirements by pumping heavy slurries with a solid concentration up to 70% by weight. As an ISO 9001 certified organization Dragflow designs and produces quality products. The Dragflow team is constantly working to find new technological solutions to improve the performance of its products and optimizing sustainable operations.

Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) is the Exclusive Authorized Distributor for Dragflow products in the Middle Eastern countries of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.