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MAC offers complete and professional relocation services and solutions for local (within U.A.E.) and international move. We cater for private residential, commercial and corporate properties. Regardless of the size or scope of the job, we are committed to doing things right and providing the clients with outstanding and quality service at an affordable price.

Our professional approach, experienced team of relocation experts and commitment to quality ensures clients’ peace of mind. With the support of a worldwide network, we ensure a smooth and seamless moving experience to any location worldwide.

Mover & Packers services & process :

Local Move - We provide stress free services for domestic relocation. This includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, reassembling and packing-material clearance. Everything is taken care of by us, leaving clients with complete peace of mind.

International Move

When moving across borders, there are many things to worry about. MAC takes away the stress related to your moving your precious possessions. Through flawless packing to special transportation techniques, we make sure that your belongings arrive at your new location intact and on time. Our ability to track your shipment and navigate customs procedures means you are always in control.

Survey & Estimation

MAC’s M&P Consultant will first conduct a meeting with you to assess your most important needs. All your personal belongings will be assessed, categorized and itemized. Special notes will be taken about valuables, electronic gadgets, antiques and fragile items. If pets need to be relocated, we would be more than happy to assist you to make the necessary arrangements.

The weight and volume of the items to be shipped will be determined within 100% of accuracy. The estimate generated will also depend on factors such as destination, mode of shipment, special packing material etc.


MAC M&P Consultant in-coordination with you, will formulate the dates of the move as per your requirements andkeeping in mind the time required and volume estimated. Our expert packing crew will start early on the packing day. Our superior packing and crating material combined with expert packing skills ensure that no harm comes to your belonging during transit. At the end of work, complete clean up of the leftover packing material and debris will be done by our crew.


Your goods are secured in a wooden lift van and custom-built storage boxes for total safety and your peace of mind. We keep you continually informed about the whereabouts of your belongings.

Our warehousing facilities ensure that your household goods are safe and secure. The warehousing facilities are modern, clean, and spacious and highly secure buildings that are specially designed for this purpose and have all safety features such as CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, and fire alarms as well as temperature and humidity controls. The warehouses are fumigated regularly and cleaned on a daily basis. All warehouses are manned by professional security agency 24 x 7 and the entire inventory is maintained using computerized system.


MAC focus is always on providing the highest standard service while ensuring minimal damage during the relocation process. We have managed to achieve one of the lowest claim incident ratios in the industry. However, the fact remains that while in transit or storage your goods are exposed to the number of risks, many of which are outside our control. This is why we strongly recommended you consider protecting your valuable personal goods with an insurance policy.

Commercial Relocation(Cooperate Moving / Offices & Warehouse)

In the business world, time is a valuable commodity. Moving your office does not have to be time-consuming or expensive for your business. With MAC, your business does not lose its edge against competitors because of drawn-out office relocations. Our team of corporate relocation experts will collaborate with you to form an intricate moving strategy for your office. Every detail is discussed, all furniture and equipment is itemized and an inventory sheet is created. At the new location, we will reconstruct the office equipment, furnishings, and stock to ensure that it i’s business as usual in no time.

Getting to the Move

With careful planning, a little foresight and plenty of professional care from our experienced team, you can rest assured that your move will be smooth from beginning to end. To help you prepare for the big day, we have outlined the entire process so you know exactly what is going on.

• Pre-move Survey/Assessment

MAC M & P Consultant(s) will first conduct a meeting with you to assess the most important needs.

• Setting the Day of Packing

MAC Consultant in-coordination with you, will formulate the dates of the move as per your requirements- keeping in mind the time required and volume estimated.

Remember to make provisions to take care of your valuable belongings such as bank documents, passports, tickets, credit cards, gold and jewellery, etc. before the packing crew arrives.

• The Packing Day

Our expert packing crew will start early on the packing day and with military precision will carry out designated tasks including wrapping, taping, boxing and crating. They will also ensure that there is minimum disruption to your normal life.

• Labeling

Using Labeling stickers on items and cartons helps our crew to effortlessly identify and facilitate exact unpacking and placement of your belongings at your new destination.

MAC is providing the Worldwide Door to Door services. Our professional staff will provide you with the perfect consultancy leading to your total satisfaction. MAC can offer you stress free removal and transportation needs.

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