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Sold by Vacker Group

Vacker Group Dubai supplies various temperature and humidity
measuring and recording instruments. The instruments include:

a. Temperature
data logger

b. Humidity data logger

c. Thermocouple

d. Remote temperature sensor

e. Wireless temperature

f. Refrigerator temperature

g. Warehouse temperature

h. Cold room temperature

i. Temperature monitoring

j. Over Temperature alert


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Thermocouple is a very common element for measuring of temperature of any application. We hereby provide a brief of the types of thermo couple and our range of thermo couple wires

Thermocouple Sensors for Temperature Measurement

Thermocouple sensors consist of two different metals and is used for measuring for temperatures and is basic form of temperature sensors utilized for all type of measure of temperature. Different metal combinations usually used are Nickel/Platinum, Platinum/Rhodium, Tungsten alloy etc.It does not need any external voltage. The principle is that it produces a small voltage in proportion to the temperature which can then be converted into a digital signal and can be displayed in a display device. a combination of two different metals produce a small voltage based on the variation in temperature. The voltage so generated can be termed as Thermoelectric voltage. Since this is a minute electric voltage, there is limitation on the length of the cables in relation to the accuracy of the measurement. For longer distances, the accuracy is compromised and hence it is preferred that the instrument be properly calibrated after installation to account for such corrections. Proper compensating cables are used to obtain more accurate results.

Thermocouple for Multi channel data loggers

Vacker is supplying wide range fo multi channel data loggers manufactured by MSR, Switzerland & Graphtec, Japan. These data loggers take input from various sensors including thermocouple which are also being supplied by us. The data of all individual sensor is recorded in the data logger. Please see our pages on Multi channel data loggers for more details.

Thermocouple wire, Extension cable & compensating cable

Thermocouple wires & cables come in various type such as J Type , K Type etc as per following international  classifications and are supplied in different lengths

Type K  : −200 °C to +1350 °C / -328 °F to 2462 °F (K Type is the most common type for Industrial purposes)


Type E: −50 °C to +740 °C / -58 °F to 1364°F


Type J : −40 °C to +750 °C / -40 °F to 1382°Fthermocouple-K-Type-sensor


Type N : −270 °C to +1300 °C / -454°F to 2372°F


Type S:  up to 1600 °C / 2912 °F


Type B : up to 1800 °C / 3272 °F


Type T: −200 to 350 °C / -328°F to 662 °F


The major difference in different types as listed above are the different metal combinations used which produces different characteristics. The picture shown to the right is a typical sample.It consists of a sensor at one end(the various-models-of-thermo-couple-by-Vacker-Dubai-UAEnarrow end where the two wires are joined) and the other end is a pin which will be inserted into a multi-meter or other measuring and controlling signals. The pin has positive and negative terminals which are having different widths. It may be noticed that one of the two pins is wider than the other one. This helps in inserting correctly.

Even though there are more types available such as Type M,R,C,D,G etc. , the most commonly used are J, K, T and E. Type K covers wide range of measurement temperature. Different combinations of metal alloys are used for different types and selection is based on different parameters including the measuring range and required accuracy.

For suitable selection, the main considerations are the range of the temperature, the range at which more accuracy is required, the environment of usage and length of the cable required.

Armored and Non Armored Single pair & Multi pair Extension Cable and compensating cables (also known as compensating wires) are used for taking the readings to longer distances

Available in either 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 pairs and in different color codes for easy identification.

Available from 60 cm to 500 meter with extenders. thermo-couple-with-head-uae

Thermocouple probes are having a long probe with a connecting cable. The probe can be inserted for the measurement and the reading can be taken through the cable.

Specifications of Vacker Thermocouple wires

Vacker manufactures certain range of own thermo-couple elements for various industrial applications. These are available in certain standard types and also are custom made to suit your requirements.



0.11 m                        

0.35 mm

0.60 mm

0.75 mm


310 °C

370 °C

400 °C

480 °C


590 °C

868 °C

910 °C

975 °C


587 °C

870 °C

925 °C



145 °C

201 °C

232 °C

250 °C


314 °C

420 °C

480 °C

570 °C



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