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Products / Services : * SARA SAE is a 35 years old manufacturing company. Quality system is accredited with ISO-9001 and is authorized to manufacture and monogram the products as per API requirements. The international customers as attached has extensively audited Sara's facilities and awarded the contracts after the audit approvals. SARA SAE offers competitive pricing without compromising the quality and is open to audits or customer visits at any time.
* SARA SAE has worldwide contracts for products we manufacture with -- to name a few ; FMC, NOV, Flexitallic, Gates, GHX , NDC , Shelf Drilling etc.
* We have been working with FMC for almost 5 years and they have been regularly visiting us and auditing our manufacturing facilities.
* All the MPQP(Manufacturing Plan Quality Plan) have been reviewed and audited by FMC. These include, Forging, Heat treatment, NDE, Welding and Plating.
* In 2012, we were awarded by FMC as "Supplier of year"
* Here is a snapshot on the products we offer --

* Hammer Unions, Swivel Joints and Pup Joints
* API-6A Ring Joint Gaskets
* API-6A Flanges, Adapters, Studded Tees and Crosses
* API-6A and 16A Flanges, Spools and Adapters
* BOP Accumulator Units
* High Pressure Test Unit
* Hydraulic Tongs and Power Units
* Choke and Kill Manifold
Contact :  Hamraz Abdul Rahiman
Address :  JAFZA - Dubai

Tel No :  050 9847618
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